Round 1: Michigan State vs. Montana (Poll Closed)

  • Michigan State: Melting Moments' Ice Cream Sandwich
    1,169 votes

  • University of Montana: Griz Breakfast Burrito
    2,169 votes


Posted 6 years.


  • Christina Trottier - 6 years ago

    The Griz Breakfast Burrito is the best damn burrito on planet earth!! get it with the WORKS! Don't forget the Gravy baby!! Sets it off perfect!!!

  • Marty - 6 years ago

    I often say I am obtaining my minor in GrizBurritos!!! Fantastic for any meal of the day! Don't forget the gravy! Oh yeah!

  • Jenny McCarthy - 6 years ago

    If you like botulism - this is the burrito for you!

  • Brenlee - 6 years ago

    You can't have a better breakfast than the Griz Breafast Burrito...It IS the BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!! GO GRIZ!!!!!!!

  • Kinsey Webb - 6 years ago

    breakfast burrito = hangover cure

  • Miguel Gomez - 6 years ago

    I've been hog tied 'n' dipped in grizzley grease but I never had the likes of this dadgum burrito before!!!!

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