Do you think Hubert is having an honest discussion about race or is a racist himself?

  • Teresa - 8 years ago

    Regarding comments rom people form tother countries: unless your skin is dark, you will be mistaken for the rest of the white people who live hear in Philly. When you think about how blacks outnumbered whites on plantations and the fact that they werent afriad, you have to wonder if peoples fear is related to the fact that they know they either participated in or took advantage of being white in Philly and America in general. Their fear may be fueld by questions like- "why arent they rising up and running us out instead of being the hard working mostly peaceful people they are." By the way- whats going on in Kensignton and Fishtown these days?

  • Richard L. Pierce - 8 years ago

    I noticed he did not speak to any black people so he does have a complete view. Remember there are two sides to each story. He may be correct in what he is saying but there is a reason. After centuries of racism and having to cope with an uneven playing field, many blacks have simply given up. Also, he interviewed people who were not born in this country so they can only judge what they see. Mr. Huber seems uninterested in delving deeper in this problem. Although he might not consider himself a racist but until he examines both sides. I am afraid he will be preceived as racist.

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