After reading about live export of horses to Japan for slaughter, do you think most Canadians are:

  • V. Fisher - 7 years ago

    Alberta is well known for its red-necked attitude. The Calgary Stampede kills numerous animals every single year with thousands of people paying to get in to watch. Calgary is the most barbaric place in Canada. I think all horse slaughter plants should be shut down forever. I've had numreous conversations with the Premier, her flunkies, the Mayor, his flunkies, Alberta SPCA, Calgary Humane Society, and all of them, flat out refuse to do anything about the animal abuse that goes on in this province and especially what goes on in Calgary.

    The only way to accomplish an end to animal abuse is to get LOUD and stay LOUD.

    Most of all, everyone out there sitting on their backsides, reading about animals abuse, or even worse, witnessing it, and doing nothing about it, SHAME ON YOU! Animal abuse is wrong. You must speak up and continue to speak up to stop it. You must act, and continue to act to make a change. Animals can't speak for themselves, but they do feel. They feel pain, they feel fear and they know terror. Help them.

  • Penny Taylor - 7 years ago

    I wish I knew how to help. At the moment, all I feel I can do is share information on facebook. As an example, recently I watched a documentary (couldn't get through all of it) called and I am now vegan. I posted that documentary a few times, but only one or two even made a comment. I sent it to Oprah hoping that she might be able to find a way to tackle the problem (global animal cruelty and slaughter houses) and help raise outrage and promote and popularize veganism - even if under the guise of a promoting a weight loss, health trend. (You know, winning legal rights for animals is like when women tried to win the right to vote and be counted as persons!) Any bid for legislative change has to be backed by popular opinion and support before anything will happen. ... As an example: Peru got Monsanto out (no GM seeds for at least for the next 10 years - although they did become polluted with them. Peru defended their native plant stocks as being unique). Maybe we should talk to them to find out "how to make horses/animals a national heritage "item"". This cause could use some freebee constitutional lawyers to offer guidance towards government legislation. Also, If we could unpopularize meat as a prime prime protein source and people stopped eating meat - well, now you've got power! (You know, pate du foie was banned from being served at some Canadian government luncheon a few years ago because of cruelty to the ducks). Shutting down the export of our horses is a good start for this but how do you change the industrialized and desperate, economic hearts of Canadian farmers and traders? (I am way over my head!) What a challenge! Part of the problem is that no one wants to see disturbing pictures of our behind the scenes reality. Everyone is into "personal peace and don't give me no negativity". How do you make people want to know? Perhaps the "spirit" of the meat could be made to be important ... like if it was treated and killed badly, it will haunt your soul and you will suffer as it did (?) ... just a thought ... (I don't know - I'm reaching). I do know that people have to be informed and motivated. Oh my - how to see blue skies (plan of action) through this nightmare? I must say that Dr. Oz is doing a good job of promoting vegetables and grain based proteins. Gordon Ramsay spoke out against the horrors of exploiting sharks solely for their fins. Caviar - sturgeon and salmon eggs ripped out live from their bellies and thrown back to die. Perhaps the kitchen idols, who are so popular now, can help promote something other than the meat industry?

  • Gloria Kersey - 7 years ago

    I am shocked and disgusted to learn of this! It is horrific and needs to be stopped immediately! Apparently, some people will do anything for money! The horse is a noble animal and deserves far better treatment than he is getting now! After all, it was the horse who helped to develop the entire world. Where would we all be wothout the help of the horse? This is disgraceful!

  • Allison - 7 years ago

    It gets quite frustrating when you are trying to do something but no one will listen! I contacted the Sea Shepherd group and got no reply. I also contacted the humane society in my province with no reply. Now I'm compiling signatures for a petition from the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition. Canadians do care maybe the government should start listening considering $1 million a year of taxpayer's dollars goes towards horse slaughter! We deserve to have a say. This is disgusting.

  • Deborah Tiffin - 7 years ago

    If you had a chance to hear Ontario Today, "Where Do You Draw The Line on the Meat You Eat" on CBC Radio March 5 you would be discouraged to hear how many of those who called in either were not aware of the stark horror of horse slaughter practices, or didn't care. The salient question for most of these callers, who, quite complacent in their belief that slaughter is "regulated" (so how bad could it be?), was whether their food was safe to eat. All seemed disturbed and repulsed by industrial farming practices in general but there was no demonstrated awareness of the specific cruelty endured by horses slaughtered for the plate. Horses destined for Japanese sashimi is completely off the radar - many people would be shocked to learn of it, but I despair too often at the casual acceptance of cruelty by most people who are self-involved to care much. Maybe we need the Sea Shepard group to help galvanize people to action, as they seem to be winning the whaling war with the Japanese.

  • Mary-Joe Figueira - 7 years ago

    One of the last polls I heard a couple of years ago was that 62% of Canadians do not want Horse Slaughter in Canada. Most don't know that it is still going on in this country. I think and believe that it is the Canadian Public, that can shut down the slaughter plants if we keep this issue public. Many Canadians do not know about Bill C-322 this has to be publicized. I recently put the petition in my barn and out of 30 people 5 signed the petition. Pathetic, most horse people care about their own horses, but not the unwanted. I bet if someone stood outside a Walmart store and asked shoppers to sign the petition, (especially now in light of the horse scandal) I am sure we could not find enough paper for signatures.

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