I know an amputee cat

Posted 6 years.

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  • allyson clay - 5 years ago

    Dear Nikky and Tom,
    Wen I was in my teens we lived in Rome. At home we had a small dog. We were "dog-people". On the way to the school bus one morning I found a kitten under a bush with an injured leg. My friend Janet happened to be with me that morning. I said Janet, we have to rescue this kitten! But I can't take it home because of the dog and my Mom. We left it there under the bush hoping it was still there after school and it was. We took it over to Janet's house. They adopted it. But first of course they took it to the vet. They expected shots and bandages but when they picked up the cat from the vet it only had three legs! One less leg and a whole lot more love! They named her Tripod and gave her long years of love. She went back to the USA with them and lived a very happy suburban life. Needless to say it was a momentous time when Tripod had to die, a chapter of our lives closed. It was like our youth had now progressed to adulthood, a cross continental one with a Roman chapter. xoxoxo to you both and all your cats, Allyson

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