Would you buy a painting from a horse?


  • bitty - 11 years ago

    Piper, Piper Bayard... Bitter, party of one! Feeling small after reading that a horse can do better in the limelight than she can. I won't comments on the merits of the paintings and the fact that 50% of sales go to a non-profit because they will be wasted by such a small mind.

  • Kel - 11 years ago

    Obviously you are a hateful jealous person. Go get a life instead of making fun of others.

  • Julie - 11 years ago

    Would buy one in a minute. 50% of the proceeds go to a retired racehorse charity. Go eat those crayons...hope they give you a big stomach ache for being such a jerk for no reason!

  • Erin - 11 years ago

    I actually did but a custom painting from Metro. It is amazing and looks beautiful in my house! We are avid horse racing fans and loved this idea. Half of the proceeds go to charity! Ron and his wife are amazing for doing what they do

  • Lena - 11 years ago

    You are an idiot, this horse is amazing. Do you have any paintings YOU can sell, or even the talent he has? No? I thought so. Go hate on someone else.

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