Do you think the jurors made the right decision in awarding Deion custody?


  • Jennifer Lignoul - 8 years ago

    Queen africa .you know nothing about the court system . Your entire comment was bull junk !!!! Deion deserves his kids and maybe if Pilar was descent she would not have had the court battle

  • Queen Africa - 11 years ago

    Black women's children belong to corrupt judges who know that black women aren't about community or community empowerment. So they do this dirty stuff and know ain't nobody going to care. Look at Dwayne Wade, Usher and any black man who wishes to disrespect the woman he is angry at. Some groups of people are so stupid they can only blame the mother (because of the feeding off -- the crab in the barrel thinking), who usually don't have the big bucks and access to power that her divorcing spouse have. I personally know many black men who are sharing or taking custody of their children from black women solely to avoid or reduce child support. Very sad, this hurts the children too. It hurts the black community when the women are disrespected and her rights trampled upon. I know first hand the destruction that follows. Well we never learn..

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