Should contributing to a judge's campaign committee while you have a case before a judge be illegal and considered a bribe?

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  • chris - 6 years ago

    Law firms should be prohibited to contribute to ANY judicial elections. PERIOD.
    Not just when you have a case with a particular judge.

    This is absolutely scandalous.

  • elena - 6 years ago

    Please consider my additional evidence of corruption, disregard of duties, and abuse of judicial power amongst Judges to aid and abet fraud upon the Court. My recent findings include components of the recent scandal involving Supreme Court Justices, whose elections were heavily supported by lawyers, in teacher’s Pension Reform battle. Judges are acting in self interest by granting their campaign donors personal favors in the Court room. Please review my letter and evidence on how Judicial corruption erode our Court system and put justice up for sale. I highly support your initiatives that this blatant obstruction of justice must be stopped.

    Facts: On December 16, 2013 I submitted a Complaint against Cook County Chancery Judge Jean Prendergast Rooney to Judicial Board Review and and my request to impeach and remove her from judicial position for corruption, numerous violations of United States Constitution, aiding and abetting Fraud upon the Court; aiding and abetting foreclosures fraud and fraud against IRS; and other wrongdoings. On December 18, 2013 The Board’s Office confirmed that Complaint was received and The Board will discuss to determine whether it has jurisdiction and if so, whether investigation or other Board action is warranted.

    As of today, February 28, 2014 I didn’t receive any respond from the Board. I assume that Board didn’t find jurisdiction and no other actions from Board are warranted against Judge Rooney who run foreclosure mill in her Court room to supply inventory for her real estate/banking family.

    I am not surprised. Based on a recent article “Courting Controversy” published in Sun-Times on January 2, 2014, even Supreme Court Justices thanks lawyers for their election by accepting millions in contribution for aiding and abetting in the court. For example, Justice Mary Jane Theis, for whom Judge Rooney worked as a clerk, accepted $798.873.00 from lawyers and lobbyists alone, which is twice more than other contributors donated. Both, Judge Rooney and Justice Marie Jane Theis, were generously supported by Rooney’s uncle, Mr. Richard J. Prendergast, former CBA President, and Mr. Thomas Crisham and Schulyer, Roche & Crisham, P.C. where Judge Rooney was an equity partner before her election to the Chancery Judge position. Notably, before her promotion to Supreme Court Justice , Marie Jane Theis was 1st District Appellate Judge where my Appeal is currently pending.

    Assuming that Justice is for sale as any other merchandise, Judge Jean Prendergast Rooney feels untouchable and continue her mob actions and gambling with judicial power. If anything, uncle Prendergast with backup from Justice Marie Jane Theis, will make sure other authorities will never found jurisdiction in her case and further inaction will be warranted.
    Summary of Facts: On February 18, 2014 Wells Fargo bank who acts under name of Deutsche Bank in this case enlisted a high-caliber law firm, Mayer Brown LLP to enhance its Freedman Anselmo Lindberg LLC legal team by about 1500 of aggressive and highly experienced lawyers with seven offices Worldwide. All this legal armada was deployed to fight against singe ProSe litigant, a 3rd Infantry Combat Team female veteran, who suffers from service-related disabilities. To the note, this foreclosure case is over a small studio condominium unit.

    My case DBNT vs. Fedorova et. al 11-CH-28887 is a textbook study of foreclosure mob action conducted by a criminal bank, supported by foreclosure mill lawyers; corrupt and abetting judges; and ignorant (de facto supportive ) officials. Under 720 ILCS 5/25-1(2), mob action is “the assembly of 2 or more persons to do unlawful act”. Below is a brief summary of facts and applicable criminal statutes.

    On August 16, 2011 Wells Fargo, acting as Deutsche Bank to hide its personal involvement with intent to mislead investors and deceit Government, filed fraudulent foreclosure against me, or less than a month after Government issue

  • ghs - 6 years ago

    This issue is especially pervasive in the campaign of the now Justice Theis. She has taken contribution money from special interest groups that are likely to have cases that eventually are heard in the Illinois Supreme Court. She should have also recused herself from the Rahm Emmanuel mayoral election case as she is his neighber and apparently her son was largely involved in working for Emmanuel. However, what Justice Theis did was to cast doubt on Justice Burke's involvement in the case because of Burke's husband's support of a candidate running against Emmanuel in the primary. Additionally, Justice Carmeir is guilty of the same practice. He has taken contributions from at least 1 very large insurance company that routinely has cases heard before the Illinois Supreme Court. In fact, he has even gone as far as not to recuse himself from at least 1 case where that particular insurance company was a party to the case. I believe both of these judges have behaved in a manner that is contrary to the ethical considerations judges should have when running for a seat and also when determining whether there is an appearance of impropriety in choosing not to recuse themselves in particular cases. The hypocracy is overwhelming and simply shows that there are agendas here that are not on the up and up. Shame on them.

  • Mark Saban - 7 years ago

    The IBEW in DC has donated to Lisa Madigan, Mike her father, Judge Lance Peterson in Grundy County....and indirectly to Judge Sobol too....all related to a quashed ATG Investigation of Meade Electric (The Lizzadro Family and their related law firms and other companies).

    Court-covered-up-is-Explosions-attempts at an International Pipeline Facilities Projects...theft of a $10Million lucrative T&M agreement....Judicial bribery and more.....

    President Barack Obama and I talked face-to-face- while he was was Lisa Madigan's very first day moving into her office at the Thompson Center...(I was told by Paul Simon to go have Lisa start an investigation...) Lisa too busy she sent out Barack, Rahm, mayor Jane Byrne niece and others I did not know to talk to me about Meade Electric/Morrison Knudsen/IBEW Washington DC and IBEW#176 all illegally disjoined........Barack told me three things-face-to-face after he listened to me for more than 25 of the three was..."Mark Saban your court cases are related and the way that they are being administered is what is called a complete sham!...". is calling me at 1pm, 5/23/2013.

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