How would you classify soccer?

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Poll posted 7 years ago.


  • James - 2 months ago

    Go look up what SPORT is most popular in the world and then come back and start talking....

  • Nope - 4 months ago

    By saying that if a girl can play it, it isn’t a sport, you’re being extremely sexist. Anyone can play any sport, which for a sport to be a sport it needs to be recognized by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) which all sports you listed, even the “not sports” are recognized by it

  • Drake - 2 years ago

    Shawn you're a stupid cunt that doesn't know what you're talking about, I used to play soccer as a kid and I'm an American. What do you do? Sit on your fat ass judging everything? So keep sitting on your fat ass and keep your stupid ass opinion to yourself.


  • Hey Shawn,
    You're the definite definition of retarded white trash. Saying that "if girls can play it it isn't a sport" just brings you're IQ down under you're balls. Honestly, have fun being single and living with you're parents for the rest of you're miserable fucking virgin life, asshole.

  • Juaniet - 2 years ago

    White male country unkown

    Soccer be played by the poeples of the countys itss sports a gamesss.

  • Max - 4 years ago

    This is incredibly dumb. Clearly soccer is a sport. It is considered a sport and played all over the world(including America). It meets all the requirements of a sport, none of which you listed, so you should look up the real definition of a sport. Also, according to your terrible definition, soccer is still a sport because goalkeepers can use they're hands. I suggest you think about what your saying before talking crap about the most popular sport worldwide.

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