If God asked you to give up your most valuable financial asset - your home, car, investments, whatever - how would you respond?

  • Dr James - 8 years ago

    Dec 1974,sold my house,departed Australia with my wife and four children,

    went to USA to study,during that time my wife lost a baby, and nearly her life,

    Jan 1978, we sat in the middle of Sydney Airport with a Degree, 18 suitcases,

    4 children, and $300.00 and we went from there, Without the hand of the Lord we would have not

    been able to do it,Prov 3, 5&6, Kind Regards Dr James,and Merralyn and 5 children.

  • Lenny - 8 years ago

    It's easy for me to click on a poll and put myself in a good category, but what will I actually do?

    In response to the other comments, I think in fact God has already spoken to us a lot about 'giving up' our possessions, and not just in the book of Matthew. Maybe we haven't been listening?

  • kathryn Edwards - 8 years ago

    I agree completey with Van's comment-if I got the message in some way that I knew without a doubt that was what God was asking me to do, I'd be a lot less hesitant (though he'd have to give my husband the message too) :)

  • Van - 8 years ago

    Hi Berni, Hope you got what you were hoping for. The thing I think most people want to be sure of is that it is realy God speaking to them. I mean if it is God saying give me eveything... hey he's God, it's all his to
    start with, he can have whatever he wants.

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