Who Is The Best Khan?

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  • Md.Rafiul Islam - 5 years ago

    I respect all three khans.But among them, Aamir khan is the best actor.He is expert in every kinds acting. I think there will be no movie which can break the PK ' s record. I am a big fan of him....

  • Aasiyah chunawala - 5 years ago

    Worlds best...n handsome man...is one n only shahruk khan...he is the king of bollywood..shahruk khan is the best amongs of them...no one can compete him at ol..♡♡♡

  • ARGHYA - 5 years ago

    Well,the result of the online voting says it all...a person cannot be loved so much in the whole world if he isn't that good. With no offence to Aamir & Salman...they may be good but SRK is the best...

  • mohsin khan - 5 years ago

    Srk Bollywood ke king hain aur king sirf ek hota hai isliye king khan much better than other khans

  • M.SUFYAN - 6 years ago

    ma sab ko ye batana chahta ho k baat record ki nahe hoti balky insaan ma ability honi chahiy k wo logo k dil ma bas jay ye nahi k record laga diya or kaha k is record ko torna asaan ni.duniya ma har kaam asaani sy ho sakta ha par kisi ka dil jeetna koi aam baat ni ha ye ability sirf or sirf SRK ma he ha. SRK k liye 1 pegam ha k mujy ap ki har movie achi lagti ha par jo zayada pasand ha wo love story wali ha.srk sir ap ki jo new movie ai ha dil waly mujy bohat pasand ha.srk sab meri duaye hamesah ap k sath ha.or haaa ma sab ko sary-aam kehta ho k Bollywood king khan just and just SRK he ha or srk ki yehe pehchan ha k wo dilo par he ni balky har jaga har kahe apna raaj kar sakta ha.

  • M.SUFYAN - 6 years ago

    i love is sr.ma sochta ho k srk jesa koi b ni phr kyo sbi stars in sy jalty ha.srk bro ap apny kam ma masroof rahy.baki sb bakwas ha.ma Allah sy dua krta ho k srk hamesha khush rahy.srk is alwys No1 position.srk ki movies sy he ma ny pyaar ko mehsoos kiya ha.srk jesi love story movies banana bohat mushkil he nahe balky na-mumkin ha.hahahahaha Don ka intizaar to 11 mulko ki police kr rahe ha par afsos Don ko pakarna mushkil he balky na-mumkin ha.srk bro ap k liye 1 dialoug ha bary bary shehro ma choti choti batain hoti rehti ha soniretha.i love srk and i love srk fans,

  • saleem - 6 years ago

    The king is back 18 Dec

  • aditya - 6 years ago

    king is always a king and he remains forever a king . salman and aamir is only a superstar but sharukh is the king
    of bollywood

  • aditya - 6 years ago

    king is always a king and he remains forever a king . salman and aamir is only a superstar but sharukh is the of bollywood

  • Naziru Ibrahim - 6 years ago

    Everybody have opinion and i respect everyone opinion but in my own personal opinion SALMAN BHAI was,is and will always remain the BEST.Because he is versatile,spontaneous and great entertainer. LOVE U SALMAN KHAN

  • Arshad Khan - 6 years ago


    SALMAan is Sultaan*

  • vijay - 6 years ago


  • TAYYAB HUSSAIN - 6 years ago

    SRK is the best among all. No anyone else is eligible to take his position in bollywood, even the other 2 khans.

  • Arfan khan - 6 years ago

    Salman bhai i love u salman bhai is best salman bhai jesa koi nahi

  • Arfan khan - 6 years ago

    Salman bhai is best and bajrangi bhaijaan

  • archana - 6 years ago

    Hollywood starts wid srk n end wid#srk

  • Ismail Hossain - 6 years ago

    Believe or not believe, Shahrukh Khan is the best of all other actors in the world. Salman or Amir is like a kid when they compare with SRK. SRK is the Badshah, Don, King, Superstar and Boss of all types of acting category. I love you Sir.

  • immy - 6 years ago

    Shahrukh was best but no mor sins 2009 salman doing wellll he bet sahrukh salman is the best for forever only salman bhai

  • janaksinh - 6 years ago

    Shahrukh khan is real king khan because his acting is superb then salman and amir .................amir's pk is good........salman's all film is bakvas........king khan ko vatt bhi sabse jyada milte he...............srk is badshah.

  • salman haters ka baap - 6 years ago

    salman is real hero
    being human

  • Manish patel. - 6 years ago

    Aare Baap ak he hai chahe o hitters logo ka ho ya Bollywood...
    O hai sabka ak Bhaijaan Salman khan .
    Aur Srk fans hota hi ullu h is liye ullu jaise bate karta h......fadu.....

  • Ashish - 6 years ago

    Don't ask stupid questions. King Khan No. 1 always and forever!

  • ASIF MALIK - 6 years ago

    Suno bhut bol rhe Ho Ki pk ka record koi nhi tod skta to suno wo to aaj nhi to kal srk sir tod hi denge agar Kisi me himat h to DDLJ ka record break krke dikhaye Kyoki ye record todna muskil hi nhi naamumkin h. king of king

  • Asif Mallik - 6 years ago

    Srk. jb jb me Srk sir Ki movie dekhta Hu to. I feel like the king of the world real srk is king of the

  • Mobasshir Khan - 6 years ago

    #MyKnowledge on Bollywood starts with SRK and Ends with SRK ... No interest on others ...

  • Adarsh Ram - 6 years ago


  • Tauqueer khan - 6 years ago

    srk srk h.....
    the king of Bollywood srk.....
    the badshah of Bollywood srk......
    the don of Bollywood srk.....
    aur kisi me dam nhi ke srk ki barabri kar ske.....

  • Himanshu - 6 years ago

    Srk ke saamne aamir aur salman dono chutiya hai

  • md nasim - 7 years ago



    1000.amir khan
    1001.salman khan

  • NAWAZ ALi - 7 years ago

    Amir khan is actor in any heros in bollywood...
    hai kisi hero me dam jo Dhoom 3 ya PK ka record break kar sake nhi ..
    Har baar kuch niya karte hai.........
    He is my ROLE MODEL .........

  • Sajahan khan - 7 years ago

    Srk is the best actor/king/don of Bollywood ..........

  • narasimhamurthy.suguru@gmilail.com Murthy - 7 years ago

    Hello dudes, a amir khan is the real no.1 superstars.
    srk is just a good actor but he is not a great human being.
    Srk and rajanikanth are children in front of amirkhan.
    They will never breaks the record of amirkhan's pk(cocollection of 615crs)

  • Parth teng - 7 years ago

    srk gives the movies which are the best ddlj is now after sholey platinum jublee srk has more blockbusters by any other khan in bollywood 10hits in a row after rajesh khanna who hasb15in a row Most 7 nationals and 14 Filmfare awards won bysrk then comes aamir khan his movies are all same only pk his acting was fantastic but in any other same face no charm srk has star power and aamir has actor power star power means story Plus acting at the best and actor power means only story not so good acting then salman bilkul wahiyad aur bakwaas actor of bollywood in 100years of cinema

  • Parth teng - 7 years ago

    srk gives the movies which are the best ddlj is now after sholey platinum jublee srk has more blockbusters by any other khan in bollywood 10hits in a row after rajesh khanna who hasb15in a row Most 7 nationals and 14 Filmfare awards won bysrk then comes aamir khan his movies are all same only pk his acting was fantastic but in any other same face no charm srk has star power and aamir has actor power star power means story Plus acting at the best and actor power means only story not so good acting then salman bilkul wahiyad aur bakwaas actor of bollywood in 100years of cinema

  • ayush - 7 years ago

    ofcourse..... Aamir forever

  • narasimhamurthy.suguru@gmilail.com Murthy - 7 years ago

    Differences between 3 khans.
    Srk acts for money.
    Salman khan acts for his fans.
    Amir acts for country and for his fans and for all persons in the country.
    no one can act like amir in pk.
    In India top 3 actors are:
    When amir did ghajini, 200crs club started.
    When amir did 3idiots 300crs club started.
    When amir did dhoom3, 500crs club started and till now no superstars break this record.
    Now pk is running.
    Amir is the best actor of Bollywood.
    Srk is child in front of amir and salmon, especially in front amir

  • narasimhamurthy.suguru@gmilail.com Murthy - 7 years ago

    A amir was best, is best and a amir will best

  • Subhraajyoti - 7 years ago

    East or West, North or South, SRK is the best. The King of Bollywood...

  • salman - 7 years ago

    And Please Shahrukh k bare m itne acche comment krna bnd kro bcz wo ache comments deserve n krta....... he is only normal actor ...... not a king of bollywood..

  • salman - 7 years ago

    I think........ Salman Bhai k samne Shahrukh koi b position deserve n karta.................. Bcz Salman Bhai is the Best Actor Always.... I lv u Bhai...... U r my Rockstar.........

  • salman - 7 years ago

    The Best Actor........................ Salman Khan, Baki sab bacche hai

  • zaffar ahmed shariff - 7 years ago

    srk is the best actor in bollywood

  • Kumar sahoo - 7 years ago

    I only tell one thing is that search "all time best actor in bollywood" then you all will get your answer

  • Rise47 - 7 years ago

    I dnt like amir's acting .He has a lot to learn when it comes to that. Srk.Hands down.

  • kalim shaikh - 7 years ago

    SRK is the best khan forever.everyone knows he is king khan no any khan like him.if don't belive see comments and poll right up.

  • Kalim Shaikh - 7 years ago

    SRK is the best.everyone knows he is khan it means no any khan like him.

  • Dan bhaiya - 7 years ago

    Really yaaro SRK jaisa koi nahi

  • sreejith n s - 7 years ago

    srk is the king............... no doubt.
    sharukh khan the name means baaaaadhsha of bolywood

  • Gunnika Bageja - 7 years ago

    Dont underestimate 3 things in life SALMAN KHAN, SALMAN KHAN, SALMAN KHAN♥

  • Gunnika Bageja - 7 years ago

    Salman is the best..... LUV U SALMAN

  • ankit - 7 years ago

    srk king hai. our salman ho ya amir srk is srk

  • Noman Siddiqui - 7 years ago

    Shahrukh is the best

  • vikas - 7 years ago

    srk is the only king...... and tha best movie o like of him is deewana......... with divya bharti.

  • Asif Chauhan - 7 years ago

    king khan

  • cyril francis - 7 years ago

    srk rules..

  • Mafizzz khan - 7 years ago

    srk is all rounder

  • shahriar kabir - 7 years ago

    srk...king of bollywood...king of romance...king khan..bollywood badsha

  • fritzie khan - 7 years ago

    Its Aamir Hussain Khan!
    He is the best actor ever!! He never fails to inspire people. :)

  • Navjot sandhu - 7 years ago

    Being human; that is message to society...earning is not important..salman , jai hooo....

  • Navjot - 7 years ago

    Salman bai ji best than all..i think there is no need to define any anything about salman..

  • hussain - 7 years ago

    salon... iske jaisa dum kisi me bhi nhi.. re.... Dhoom 3.. 500 cr... shahruk k paas h A dum.. iska record thodneko 7 janam me bhi nhi hoga.. chuthiya shahruk..NXT...P.k

  • Aamir is best - 7 years ago

    i love aamir always....

  • great fan of srk - 7 years ago

    There is only one superstar in the whole world and universe obviously our KING KHAN. He makes nice movies and atleast he is soooooo god looking ,better than those idiots. Aamir is still ok but salman YUCK! Who ever likes thos idiot is the biggest idiot in this world. Aamir is called mr perfectionist yeah, dhoom 3 was such a bakwas film that I felt like to throw my shoe on aamir khan. So ultimately SRK is the best. I LOVE SHAHRUKH KHAN

  • Dillip Kumar Maharana - 8 years ago

    Unanimously srk.He has been seen almost all typesof films though he does the romantic scenes better than an body else

  • mailagujar - 8 years ago

    SALMAN KHAN.....................................................................................................

  • mailahafi - 8 years ago


  • ranjit - 8 years ago

    no doubt , SRK Rules the world.. he was , he is and will remain the best of all.. a legend.........A TRUE SUPERSTAR

  • Johny Maiden - 8 years ago

    SRK The Boos N Real Don in Bollywood.I am crazy about SRK.I love You So much SRK.

  • Mukesh tiwari - 8 years ago

    Aamir is the best of all khan(i.e.salman & shahrukh).He always try to inspire people from his movies

  • asraf kauser shovon - 8 years ago


  • Abubkar - 8 years ago

    srk most famous actor in the world koi b maa ka laal es ke mukably ka nahi jisy acting ka baap khety hai jisy dunia king khan kheti hai badsha se bhar kar koi nahi hota love u

  • salil khare - 8 years ago

    Aamir is the best srk always do chutiyapa

  • MUKESH TIWARI - 8 years ago

    Aamir se accha koi nahin,khud toh superhit hai hi,dusron ko bhi hit karvaata hai eg peeepli live.Character mein aise ghusta hai ki bahut real lagta hai.one of the most influential & intelligent actor I have ever seen in my whole life.that's why he included in the top most 100 influential people in the world.year 2000 se aaj tak ek bhi flop nahin dene wala khan. as compared to other khans,his few films gone in oscar also.Satyamev Jayate se usne apni world mein ek image banai.great salute.isiliye apna debate khtam karte hue bolo'KHANO MEIN KHAN "AAMIR KHAN

  • Sanjay - 8 years ago

    Aamir is best actor , honest and good person also . view his last some performance he give every film as hit Or Superhit (Due to Acting) .

    Shahrukh is not better actor nowday , he was good performer but not in nowdays . now he cannot act good . he make his film hit with marketing ( Not Acting ) he prove himself goods and display all other not good so he is bad person also . he is well shoot in marriage function for dance . he is tell l have lots of problems in india so he is not love india also . aamir never tells these type of cheap thing also . Aamir dedicate to his roles and he is never overacting like shahrukh .

  • Sunny - 8 years ago

    Srk is best

  • rishikesh jha - 8 years ago

    1 n only salman.,,..,,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,salman rocks

  • rishikesh jha - 8 years ago

    1 n only salman.,,..,,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,salman rocks

  • tariq afghanistan - 8 years ago

    Dabangg khan is the best

  • akash - 8 years ago

    1st thing both are best
    second is k dono ka koi compare hi ni h srk ne jis tarah se apne dum pr careeer banaya h salmaan ko bhot tym lagta .. ab jakr wo hit pe hit de ra h jo kaam srk salo phle hi kr chuka
    bt salmaan ko log accha mante h kyu salmaan show krta h body aachi h aur smart sexy h isilie jo v krta h wo charcha mai rhta h apne ko kisee k bare mai ni pta andar se kon accha h srk khud bolta h k agr log selfish bolte h to mai hun aur jis tarah se wo utha h jo lyf dekhi h wo sabit krti h k phle wo apne sare sapne poore kre uske paas tym ni h k wo baki k baare mai soche kyu usne khud n apne liye bhot kuch soch rakha h agr ye selfishnees h aur log SALMAAN ke show off acha bolte h to salmaan h better bt mai aisa ni manta...
    agr salmaan persnoli accha hota to kyu katreena door bhagti kyu wo jail gya aur kyu uski jyadatr kisee se panga hota h hum sirf uuper ki bato ko sunkr salmaan bhai ko as a person acha mante h sach to h k apan ko ni pta k kon acha h apni nazar mai dono actor h and as a actor srk is best..
    agr aap voting dekhte ho to fir india mai ni world mai dekho srk is best kisee v mamle mai..
    jo insaan apne real profffesoin mai better h asli mai wahi better h ab wo kisee ka nuksaan to krta ni h k wo bura h baki log attension or apni burai kO CHUPANE liye acchai show krte h to wo bura ni ban jata jo kisee ka bura ni krta.... sooo over all srk is best think about it...

  • ahmed - 8 years ago

    king of bollywood shah rukh khan

  • ahmed - 8 years ago

    srk is the best in the world

  • mohit - 8 years ago

    srk is the always king of bollywood & salman is one of the most bakra ,donkey,monkey etc. in bollywood bakra toh kata

  • manish kumar - 8 years ago

    amir khan srk ko copy krta h wo ase ki jb jb srk ki movie ati h piche se ye ajate h agr dum ho to usi di relise kro movie jb srk ki ati h tb dekhte h kon best h jb srk ne stol lgaya tb ja k amir ne gajani movie me stol lgaya jb srk ne body bnae tb ja k amir khan ne uski copy krne k liye body bnae KUCH NYA KRO BHAI COPY Q KRTE HO kher srk ko to hr koi copy krta h stol ka fasion bollywood ko usi ne diya uske bad sb lgane lge uske bad jb srk ne 6 packs bnaye tb ja k bollywood k sare hero packs bnane k piche bhagne lge aaj b tv pe her sundAY or sat ko srk ki hi movie ati h jada ter channel pe amir khan ki to kbhi kbhi ati h per amir khan ko pta nhi kya h jao apna kam kro yar takker baraber walo se liya kro

  • manish kumar - 8 years ago

    amir khan 3 3 actor ko leke to movie hit krte h uske bad kehte h ki amir khan no.1 h 3 idiots me b 3 hero the tb ja k hit hue movie or best heroin b thi kareena rang de basanti me b yehi hal tha sbse best actor ko le k to movie bnate h fir takker hmare srk se lete hsrk ki to bat hi alg h wo jha khare ho jaye duniya whi ruk jaye

  • Sara - 8 years ago

    No doubt not only the best Khan he is the best actor in the whole world the best king and the best human being Shah Rukh Khan he deserve really to be No.1 but the vote I don't see Salman better than Aamir, Amair is so good actor far more than Salman really. To me he is the one who deserve to be after Srk not Salman I saw that Salman Showing only, but after all LOVE THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD IS OUR THING REALLY GREAAAAT HYMAN BEING. ACTOR AND EVERY THING LOVE THE KING SRK SRK SRK SRK SRK FOR EVER KING KHAN ALWAYS BE THE KING

  • RAJ SHAH - 8 years ago


  • varunn - 8 years ago

    first shahrukh then amir.....

  • Surjeet - 9 years ago

    Though salman gives blockbustrer, but in bollywood always srk at No.1

  • Saahil - 9 years ago

    I don't care whether Aamir Khan wins or not, But for me he is the greatest actor all time in Bollywood, He selects very sensible movies which always go blockbuster and swirls our mind. You are the REAL KING KHAN Aamir Khan, You are the best, Mr. Perfectionist, Legend and god of bollywood, All actresses love you for your great acting. A great man really.

  • krunal - 9 years ago

    only king of bollywood

  • Janette Raju Malik - 9 years ago

    Only Aamir Khan most sensible Actor in bollywood.... Gajini 200 crore and 3 idiots 300 crore....

  • Sambhu - 9 years ago

    Here Is Srk Records.
    1.Highest Opening Day Record In Overseas.
    2.Highest 1st 3 Days(Weekend) Record In
    3.1st 3 Days Collection Record In Overseas
    4.Highest 1st Week Collection In Overseas
    5.1st 100 Crore Grosser In Overseas(1st Time in
    100 Years Of Indian Cinema)
    6.Highest No Of All Time Blockbusters In
    Overseas(Total 9)
    7.Highest No Of All Time Blockbusters In
    8.Highest Grosser Romantic movie In The History
    Of Indian Film Industry (JTHJ = 123 Crore Nett)
    (Domestic Market)
    9.Highest Grosser’s Worldwide Romantic Movie
    JTHj (252 Crore)
    10.4 Back To Back 200 Crore Grosser’s
    worldwide(Diffe rent Genre)
    11.Longest Running Indian film As Well As World
    Cinema DDLJ(905 Weeks)
    12.Back To Back 9 Hits(Its Current Record)
    13.India’s Biggest Brand Declared Forbes
    14.Highest Number Of Fans On Twitter(Except
    Amit Ji)(Its more then any Other Current
    Bollywood Superstars)
    15.Highest No Of Brands
    16.Richest Actor Of All time (4000 Crore)
    17.Highest Earner In 1 Single Year
    18.BBC & Los Angeles Times Declared Srk World
    Biggest Movie Star On Earth
    #SRK RULES ♥
    He is really an Indomitable King :)
    so he is the best khan…

  • KITTU - 9 years ago


  • RAJA - 9 years ago


  • shreshta shetty - 9 years ago

    Salman is the best and evergreen actor.

  • prem - 9 years ago

    salman is best

  • nhung - 9 years ago

    superstar salman khan is the best

  • arun kayastha - 9 years ago

    salman bhai is best

  • Ramona Khan - 9 years ago

    Shah Rukh khan is the Best actor.

  • KASHYAP - 9 years ago



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