Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One? (Poll Closed)

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  • James - 8 years ago

    I'm constantly amazed at the number of people who know so little about technology, that they judge a phone based on if the back is anodized (or non-anodized) aluminum vs. Poly-carbonate. I wonder how many of these people even know what anodized versus non-anodized aluminum even is and why it might make a difference in smart phone usage or why poly-carbonate might be preferable. What does Apple use, does anyone even know? But you all have such strong opinions on it right?

    From someone in the industry; you come across like absolute fools. The technology in both these phones is absolutely staggeringly complex, and yet you turn the phone around and look at the back and determine which phone you like based on which you think is pretty.

  • Christopher Deluca - 8 years ago

    Love the stereo speakers on the front, I have the galaxy note tablet and it is a feature that I really like

  • Luann - 8 years ago

    Got the Galaxy as a new phone. Had the HTC Inspire before. The Galaxy in NOT my favorite phone. Wish I would have went with the HTC. The draw back for me was that the battery was internal and there was not sd card to remove when needed a pic off my phone when in town. The HTC truly out performs the Galaxy hands down. I like the bigger screen on the Galaxy, but is no where comparable to the HTC

  • DeepSagar - 8 years ago

    The Poll results speak for themselves. S4 is what Apple do every time, it is the same piece of crap but more powerful. Totally pathetic and their support to the developer community is even more pathetic

  • Joe - 8 years ago

    Simply look at the result and see who is really winning the game.
    S4 shouldn't call S4, should be called S3+ nothing new at all..

    and to the first comment Kenn, u'r probably paid by Sammy to say that, or why Steve Jobs shipped millions of millions iPhone.

  • M. Rogers - 8 years ago

    Gee... I don't know how a man could disregard conscience and write an article like this!!!!

  • Hikoffee - 8 years ago

    LoL, seems the author has received some sort of "support" from Sammy which can be proven by this voting result and his own post on G+ saying he'll give his money to the One.

  • Alex - 8 years ago

    The result is pathetic!! Look at the voting number. Tell me who is the winner, huh?

  • Geek Boy 2002 - 8 years ago

    WHAT!!!?? Are you kidding me! Why is the S4 the winner? Specs are specs...but, 1) the design on the HTC One is WAY better than the S4!!! Who wants plastic that gives the "cheapy" look...when you can have aluminum which feels and looks "premium". 2) The eye control is a gimmick...I would rather have useful features...3) Uh...hello...front speakers on the One phone...which would allow me to actually hear my calls when I have to put it on speaker...or..what....sharing my songs with my friends and we use 6 phones to listen and we dance around holding our phones (i.e. S4 launch, what a joke) will probably take one phone with HTC's speakers...better speakers on the One...S4...ugh...whatever...more like S3 version 2.

  • Kenn - 8 years ago

    I don't like the fact that htc continues to bash Samsung, that and the fact that htc doesn't have a proven track record for having sold tons of handsets and who wants a phone that doesn't have a replaceable battery or memory expansion (duh)!

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