Did you ever see this controversial e-mail -- or heard about it -- back in 2008?


  • Sandra - 11 years ago

    When I read this and before I sent it on I checked Snoopes to see if it was true. As in anything on the internet or social media, you can't always believe what you read.

  • Savannah Gardiner - 11 years ago

    While it is true that my Sisters are going out of their way to come up with the rarest of names for their children some that are out-right ridiculous , that is their right to do so. I never heard it and if I had would not believed it under civil liberties , I would have found it illegal anyways. But that does not make it a right of passage for these women to continue..... Just something to thing about before you name your child that will have stick with them all through school and so forth,,, Clitoris, Labia and Anus are body parts and suitable for address someone with...... Just my opinion , just like rectums , everybody has one, however I would not want to be named or name a child after it.

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