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Posted 6 years.


  • olive - 2 years ago

    Joey and Pacey all the way! Pacey always knew what Joey needed without a word while Dawson would have to ask her what to do to make her happy. He came across as clingy and someone who couldn't let go of the past. Dawson was afraid to be bold and make a risky move while Pacey wasn't hesitant to express what he felt. Joey and Pacey just fit.

  • Joey and Pacey Forever - 2 years ago

    pacey allowed joey to grow and allowed her to feel a love that she said "kept her moving forward." pacey saw her for her simplicity and beauty, even way before Dawson ever can. he helped build their B&B, he defended her, he bought her a wall!! He gave no ultimatums and he remembered everything. Their love was mature and true and never was lost. True love, always finds its way back in the end as it's evident with joey and pacey. joey and pacey forever!!

  • Pacey and Joey Shipper - 2 years ago

    Joey and Pacey are soulmates, she knew hew was for her and that he's the one she wants, they say have always lived eachother, and before there sex scenes she had a lot to say about what she loves about him, Dawson who?

  • Aidan - 5 years ago

    I agree with Mark he said it not me,and who prefers a I.Q of 31 loser,over experienced crybaby suck up who steals girlfriends and making Dawson hate him maniac who thinks why dawson hates him is DAWSON'S fault, face it he is a under acheiving buffoon.Not only that but he could have gone to JAIL for sleeping with a teacher!

  • Aidan - 5 years ago

    Dawson and joey are soulmates, ahd everyone says it.I can tell you who REALY belongs together,Dawson and Joey,Pacey and Andie( or ms.Jacobs),Jack and Doug,but Jen died,so honestly there is no point.You know why Pacey cried like a 1 year old baby was he knew what Dawson wanted, NEEDED by his side and he is relying on a stupid TV SHOW then his whole life

  • Marc - 5 years ago

    At the end of the day Joey will always go to Dawson when she is feeling uneasy about something or whatever. I dont feel like Pacey could ever be what Dawson is for her.

  • Marc - 5 years ago

    Pacey is no good for Joey at all! Dawson is Joey's everything and vice versa. Pacey is week he cheats and when he was cheated on and knows how it feels still does it anyway. He has such a bad and negative attitude and makes really dumb decisions. Dawson would do anything for Joey their relationship together cant be beat. Dawson always seems so desperate to have her cuz he loves her so much while Pacey would just get up and find someone new. Joey is just too scared and stubborn. She dosent like Dawson's life can be like a movie optimistic attitude because Joey likes to be realistic when Dawson's attitude gets him places, becoming successful and having very movie like life moments. Pacey totally disrespected her which is something Dawson would have never done. The thing is girls think Pacey is charming with a broken soul who needs love and he is cute or whatever. She belongs with the movie guy! I can go on.

  • Aidan - 5 years ago

    Now look Pacey changed for Andie not Joey.Dawson was ready to change for Joey from the start of the kiss.

  • Aidan - 5 years ago

    Dawson said "If were not ment to be than i dont know anything" Dawson YELLED with anger yet love.They are meant to be which is said by just about everybody later introduced.Even PACEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennoria - 5 years ago

    Pacey is the boy everbody would prefer.....

  • Aidan - 5 years ago

    Why i did not vote for pacey and joey is because i know if joey and dawson where together longer they would most likely have more. joey and pacey were stable cause they had more time as a couple then dawson and unlike pacey if he makes one life changing thing ( third season last episode ) he regrets it a minute later.And a member of my family says its dawsons creek not paceys creek!!!!!!!!

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