Do you think Jada has a point?


  • Amanda - 11 years ago

    I wasn't really the biggest fan on Jada, but I really like what she has to say. She has a valid point. In a society where women are looked at as objects, why is it wrong to consider the option of banding together instead of constantly tearing each other down? All women. Black, white, spanish, asian, indian, greek.. etc. Because in the end, what else do we have but each other? In a world where majority of it still views women as second class citizens, why is it wrong to want to reduce the hate by showing solidarity? By supporting each other despite our differences, and glorifying the reasons we are the same? Skin color is only skin deep. And until people of ALL races stop hating one another for what we have absolutely no control over, nothing will ever change. Being closed off to integration... I'm sorry but you all sound like those racist idiots back in th 40's, 50's, and 60's. Don't share! Don't change! Seperate but equal! I don't want to see no white woman/black woman on the cover of my magazines! God, you sound like children. No, scratch that. Children don't judge other children by the color of their skin. You sound like those people you claim to hate the most. How can your prejudice be right, and their's wrong? The worls doesn't work like that.

  • Larry 55X - 11 years ago

    Don' you think its about time to stop putting magazines out with women period. In a society where the white women and women with European features- such as the latest crier here- are the tops, give the magazines that display some other beauty a clear field. Really it past time for women to stop promoting looks as her main assets. Lets put the smartest women on the pages or women with a more Afrocentric look. Daily I see the image of a white women 200-300 times; an Afro maybe ten. So yes, I need and want a magazine that I can be assured to see what I think is beauty, An old pre-new America Black male.

  • Sweet - 11 years ago

    I'm normally more eloquent in my writing, but to sum this up it only takes two words... 'DUMB IDEA"!!!

  • freebigwillie - 11 years ago

    My question to Jada, why do you think the composition is the way it is now? Of course all things being equal, it would be ideal to have a color blind society and treat all human beings as equals. In a utopian world, where equal justice prevails and no one does wrong to another, it would be totally grand. However, that is not the world that we currently live in. How many magazines are oriented to feature the accomplishments of black females? Essence is one, but for how long it was brought out by a white owned company, Time Inc. There are thousands of magazines that are oriented towards white females, their professional lives, domestic lives, political views, beauty, romances, et al. There needs to be a bit of catching up, don't you think Jada? When there is equal footing in the magazine world, then I would expect, everything would change, perhaps. I say start your own magazines and subscribe and support them with your monies. Why continue to support magazines, that virtual believe that you don't exist or at the least, think your existence isn't even worth featuring in their magazines. Stop begging to grace their covers and let's grace our own covers; God bless the child who that's got her and/or his own.

  • karen - 11 years ago

    I think its sad that their is so much hate and racism towards caucasian women. This is why the world is the way it is. For someone not to buy a magazine bc of the color of the woman on the cover is straight up racist! It should be illegal!!

  • Verna Joy - 11 years ago

    White women buy black women's magazine to learn more about us than they can from reading the scarce articles they find in their magazines. Black women buy black women's magazines because they reflect out lifestyle. When we buy white women's magazines it is to "be in the know" on a broader scale. When we start putting white faces on our products they soon go out of business because the core market feels that they are being compromised. While we are happy to see our sisters crossing over and getting that appeal, we do not feel as supportive of out products when the role is reversed. So is Ms Jada advocating poor sales and a defunct Essence. Try it and see if the sales go up or down,

  • CRIS CARDWRLL - 11 years ago

    Are u an idiot or what ? White women have enough magazines and covers to choose from LEAVE OURS ALONE !!! Any black magazine that puts a white woman's face on it WILL NOT GET MY MONEY !! And if I have a subscription I want to be reimbursed for that magazine !!!

  • Iainta Tom - 11 years ago

    Jada Smith opinion expresses her loyalty and commitment to interests outside of the black community. Essence is no longer owned by the black community so therefore 'integrating' the magazine would be the first order of the day. And for further emphasis most black women don't care at all about a collective black women consciousness. That's just how we role.

  • El Kenyatta - 11 years ago

    I wish my sisters can stop trying to be accepted by everybody else and just focus on your target demographic.

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