Do you think that research staff (such as research nurses) should wear a red tunic in clinical settings where they will come into contact with patients?


  • Nicola - 10 years ago

    I have asked the children (patients) about the red colour and they all like it! Many of them say it is a love colour as they draw a heart in red, others say it a happy colour like Christmas, others say its good because its not a girls colour nor a boy colour it's a colour liked by all! Also, when my Beaver Scouts colony were asked about what colour they would like us leaders to wear on on weekly casual group get together meetings they ALL agreed red! Not one child has yet said red is for it would seem that this is maybe just an adult concept?????

  • TraceyJ - 10 years ago

    I agree with concept of a clinical research nurse uniform, in Colchester they wear green and that seems to go down well. I am not sure about red in context of RAG ratings for studies - green is better?

  • Michelle - 10 years ago

    Our research staff have the same uniforms as clinical staff, the only difference is the wording 'Research Nurse' etc. This has taken some time to get the research team recognised as part of the clinical teams they work in. Red in my Trust means radiography!

  • Susie Hewer - 10 years ago

    Although red is a colour that evokes strong emotions it is not just associated with danger or anger. It can equally suggest passion, love and warmth too. It is certainly a colour that attracts attention.

  • Sharon - 10 years ago

    Agree with comments Red symbolising danger, probably why its an available colour, imagine every other colour is used by some health care worker.
    positives- Good for raising profile of research and also clarifies very clearly to patients distinction of roles and why research nurse isnt perhaps familiar with general ward happenings etc .
    Only negative is that it potentially separates rather than integrates research role which could be argued is separate anyway...

  • Charlotte - 10 years ago

    A single colour would be good, but not red. Red is often a warning colour signalling danger - could put people off.

  • Isla Dowds - 10 years ago

    unsure if red is right colour but 1 striking colour consistently yes great idea

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