Do You Think We Spend Too Much Time Singing In Church?

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  • Sean Yusten - 11 years ago

    I actually just got out of a meeting this evening with our senior pastor and two other men from our church in which we were planning our future worship. Our pastor that leads worship is leaving our church after 15 years because God has called him to be a senior pastor in another state. We as a church believe that we should not replace him at this time, so these two other men and I will be responsible for planning and leading our worship. We currently have two services which are 75 minutes each. The services consist of: 5 minutes for announcements, about 35 minutes for worship ( includes prayer, special music, offering, and singing), and 35 minutes of preaching. We are planning on cutting back to one hour. The new plan will be 30 minutes for worship as above, 30 minutes for preaching, and no announcements. I like the fact that we are placing equal weight on preaching and singing. If we look in the Psalms, it appears that God strongly desires his people to sing praises to him together. God often uses the worship time in my life to get my focus off of my cares, and on what is really important...Him! So by the time I am hearing the Word expounded, I am ready to receive it with gladness because I am fresh off of proclaiming the things He has done and How great He is. I have often been broken in my singing as I become more aware of my wretchedness and His holiness, and yet He loves me anyway. The more I recognize that, the more I want to be a doer of the Word, and not simply a hearer.

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