What do you think the state of the State should be? (Poll Closed)
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  • Tina - 9 years ago

    I find it very concerning more people my age (25 age range) aren't compelled to weigh in on these issues. I understand we are all caught up and busy fighting the recession to get jobs and pay bills (just like everyone else in the world, we were just all pampered as a generation so we feel wronged that we went through 4 years of college aka bindge drinking and obtaining crap degrees to find the real world is moneyless and jobless)… but the direction of this type of government intervention will only grow stronger if we as a group of people that realize OUR FUTURE IS GOING TO REALLY SUCK IF THE GOVERNMENT CAN CONTROL EVERYTHING WE DO INCLUDING THE SIZE SODA WE BUY. Not to mention our country is currently in the process of financial implement so not only are we going to be drinking small size soda and working out to fight the governments guidelines on obesity but we'll be doing it in huts and cabins because no one will have money or jobs. There is a reason we read about thousands of years of men and women fighting for rights and independence to create a democratic country where free choice is promoted. This is because the way government was before was intolerable and unsuccessful. NEWSFLASH TO MY GENERATION: Unless your a trust fund baby odds are you probably aren't ever going to be rich. And we're slowly dooming ourselves to an economic future much like the one we fought so hard to get away from…if your not rich your poor. College degrees won't save you…that includes even those of you obtaining a masters…we all have them. These new rules are mind-blowing, where is everybody else that cares???? Im 5 ft tall and 90 pounds and I would like to fight for my right to super size. I don't even drink soda but I want to CHOSE not to drink it on my own. Not by some outdated right wing "leader of a dying party" idiot. If any CEO in America did their job (as described in their legit job description) as crappy as Bloomberg but fixed every drinking fountain in the building to promote cleaner water we would fire him and laugh at his stupidity and incompetence.

  • Paul F. Lenzi - 9 years ago

    I wrote a rant about this Bloomberg issue a week or two back on my WP blog site.

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