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Is this Joe Biden? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 4,997

  • Brian P Smyth - 11 years ago

    Look at his body movement, YES this is biden or its his twin brother.

  • Denny Main - 11 years ago

    Too good of a voice to be Joe

  • Gma - 11 years ago

    I think that it was Teddy Kennedy.

  • marsha bouck - 11 years ago

    Not Biden. No shinny teeth.
    Now are the Bama police gonna come after me cause I voted? Are you offering protection?

  • glenn - 11 years ago

    Liberals always act like idiots!

  • Joe's Proxy - 11 years ago

    I'm personally leaning toward a no vote on this, but in the role of the vice-president's proxy voter I have (unlike the vice-president if the tables were turned) represented Joe's feelings on the matter. I suspect that Joe has been through far too many moments similar to this to even be sure himself. I further suspect that his clarity in the matter would be clouded by several factors, among them arrogance, superiority, alcohol consumption, an insistence upon putting himself into situations which can make him look foolish, and a deeply-seated need to exacerbate said situations to the greatest degree humanly possible. Taking these factors (and many others) into account I feel not only that Joe Biden himself would vote yes but that he'd be literally MORTALLY offended if I, as his proxy, were to act otherwise.

  • sean - 11 years ago

    No, its some dude that looks like him. Either way, he's still an idiot

  • Lee - 11 years ago

    This was on the net 4 years or so ago. It looks nothing like him.

  • JIM - 11 years ago

    Sorry Guys, As a lifelong resident of Delaware, I can promise that's not Joe. He can't sing that well!

  • Loretta Manno - 11 years ago

    Oh come on Glenn, your a smart guy. Of course that's him. Very funny

  • Loretta Manno - 11 years ago

    Oh come on Glenn, your a smart guy. Of course that's him. Very funny

  • Cliffy44 - 11 years ago

    I saw that loser, when he was still only nauseating the people of Delaware. That is DEFINITELY "Stupid Joe" intoxicated and singing off key.

  • Paul Gray - 11 years ago

    Could be a illegitimate child, The Villages Fl. Hasn't been around that long, isn't crazy uncle joe like 327 years old?

  • Paul Gray - 11 years ago

    Could be a illegitimate child, The Villages Fl. Hasn't been around that long, isn't crazy uncle joe like 327 years old?

  • Karen - 11 years ago

    Who in the world would ever deny that this is joe Biden??? Of course it's our idiot VP! Give the fool the credit he deserves.

  • karen1951 - 11 years ago

    It's Joe, just with a little "buzz" on; or he could be just acting like during the VP debate.

  • maureen - 11 years ago

    Kinda, maybe, almost looks and sounds like

  • Daisy - 11 years ago

    Why anyone would think a rich career politician like Slow Joe wouldn't own a lake front vacation home with boats is beyond me. And would anyone think such a person would go out on the lake wearing dress clothes? Yes, even Slow Joe likely owns ratty shorts and t-shirts. As for how young he looks...this could have been taped years ago...who knows. It's him though.

  • Angel - 11 years ago


  • Dave B - 11 years ago

    Iyt's too hard to tell. The guy looks similar to JKoe Biden but it's not clear enogh to be sure, I can't imagine him in a setting like that with a boat trailer in those clothes by the river. It seems like an odd place for JUmpin' Joe to be filmed.

  • M.E Mizell - 11 years ago

    This looks like a got you. be careful! This is small a test run.

  • Gregory LaTarte - 11 years ago

    Looks like him, sounds like him... He is most certainly stupid enough to do this but I gotta go with no.

  • Brian - 11 years ago

    ...more like Jack Daniels.
    With all the clapping I was expecting him to break into "And Biden was his name-oh"

  • Randy - 11 years ago

    Glenn once again you are correct, this certainly not Biden.

  • Spring Freedom - 11 years ago

    This guy has a better, more muscular body than Joe Biden. I can't imagine him in those shorts!

  • Royal - 11 years ago

    I do not believe it is Biden although it is something he would do.

  • rena foran - 11 years ago

    Right at the end you catch a glimpse of the jaw line that says, "I'm Joe Biden, yes, indeed!"

  • Trish - 11 years ago

    It sure looks like him,but, maybe a bit too young. Can't be sure.

  • Austin - 11 years ago

    ♪ Joe Biden iiiis, the friendliest Vise President in town. ♫

  • Thee Amazing Brendon - 11 years ago

    If this isn't him, I bet he would still be more qualified than vice president Biden...

  • Sue - 11 years ago

    Heard this on the radio (either Rush or Glenn's show) - way back in the first campaign and it was said to be Joe Biden at the time. It sounds like his voice. That wasn't the only time he was drunk in public- there was a campaign speech given by Obama and Biden was there, the slurring was embarrassing.

  • kayla Cawthon - 11 years ago

    I dont want it to be Joe Biden- although it would make a lot of sense of how anyone is allowing his name to be put next to "That Guy's"

  • Timbo - 11 years ago

    If you don't think it's Plugs you are drunk!!!

  • Chris - 11 years ago

    It's Joe Biden with Samuel Adams!!!

  • Mary Beth - 11 years ago

    That is definitely him!!

  • Nick - 11 years ago

    Not sure... but God, I hope so!!! Haha!

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