Which Glasses do you like best?

  • Francois from uptown - 6 years ago

    Number 3 is OK. My penis is over the ocean and over the sea. Like penis between glasses??

  • Brent - 6 years ago

    I still think I like #3 is the best.
    It just seems to suit. The color does not detract/distract from your face. The shape just seems to fit. The other two black ones are a bit too.... square?.

    Picture #3 looks like you are wearing your glasses, the other ones look like you are trying on glasses.

  • Brent - 6 years ago

    I like #3 but I am not sure if I really do or have I been "tricked" into thinking I do...???? by my brain.

    Psychology at play:
    - #3 is the biggest picture... We all want to see more of Nixie (More often.. come on guys stay focussed.)
    - #3 is the middle choice. If the brain does not know what to pick the default is the middle. Don't believe it? Look at the data. An almost perfect bell curve. If these were in random order that should not happen.

    (If you really want to know which is best. Try a new order with a different one big....yet that would only work with a completely new subject group. :-( )

  • Don Lannon - 6 years ago

    The Green frames match your eyes so well. :}

  • craig - 6 years ago

    #1 works best for your eye colour and the current colour of your hair. They are also the right size for your face and eyes - wherease 3 appears to be wider and distorts the classical shape of your face

  • Can Le - 6 years ago

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  • Tanmay - 7 years ago

    Of course #3....second vote to #4...#3 is the best because it makes the features of ur face prominent...n u look bold n beautiful.....

  • moki - 7 years ago

    i guess you personally prefer 3, and since that's the biggest and most clear snap, everybody would choose that as the best, right?! ;) . anyways, If you really want our idea take the snaps of all of the frames with equal sizes so our judgments won't be altered. I suggest you to buy whatever you like and makes you happy. why would anybody else's idea matter?

  • Negen - 7 years ago

    One brings out the color of your eyes but three looks natural

  • Will - 7 years ago

    No. 4. Cute hipster tech babe, imo.

  • BigDick - 7 years ago

    How much for one night?

  • Erskine - 7 years ago

    You might want to try some thicker dark brown frames if you want to look a real nerd. If you want to look like a fox you should try half moon frames, so you can look over the top like a naughty secretary. xxx

  • Varun - 7 years ago

    I think u shud have uploaded photos of same resolution.....The big one looks attractive always....may be something to do with psychology..

  • David - 7 years ago

    Get non reflective lenses.

  • askmel - 7 years ago

    You do have pretty eyes, and I think 1 through 4 are complementary. Having #3 centered and larger
    likely skews the poll results, but you may have subconsciously done that to get voters to validate your

  • don - 8 years ago

    definately 4 it brings out your eyes i disagree on 3 even though it does seem to be the popular choice , you look awesome no matter which you choice you make lol you always have been one not to follow the crowd

  • Cisc - 8 years ago

    I would say 3 definitely but i was also thinking of #4 also which i think would also fit you very well also in my opinion, #2 and #5 seem too wide i think. #1 does go with your eyes and compliments them but it can also take away a little of how others see your eyes without focusing too much on the frames themselves since they have similarity in color to your eyes but again #3 looks better for you and i can agree with the last comment that the black frames do soften your eye color a bit yet still capture you well.

  • nic - 8 years ago

    3 look like a clear winner to me, but there is no way to know if our decision was biased, because of how you arranged the pictures!...

  • Edgar - 8 years ago

    Depends on your eye colour. If they are green, #1, Grey #5. The black frames subdue your eye colour.

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