How often do you read books on your Kindle?


  • Joan Prout - 10 years ago

    constantly. Every day

  • Joan Prout - 10 years ago

    constantly. Every day

  • john - 10 years ago

    Love text to speech

  • Bufo Calvin - 10 years ago

    Noreen, "constantly" would be best represented on my scale by "regularly". For example, I sleep at night, so I'm not "constantly" reading, but I am doing it regularly. :) People have kidded me about how often I do read, but there are times when I don' that makes it not constant.

  • Sheryl Painter - 10 years ago

    My kindle never leaves my side, riding to work and home, during breaks, fixing meals, dishes, bathing, etc. I cannot imagine not having a book open near me.

  • Louis Deegan - 10 years ago

    I read two-three hour's s day

  • Robin - 10 years ago

    i gotta go with constantly too!!

  • Noreen Spinrad - 10 years ago

    No constantly selection?!

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