How often do you use apps/active content on your Kindle?


  • Scotto - 10 years ago

    Mostly Feedly, Pocket and Evernote.

  • Larry James - 10 years ago

    I forgot to mention Pulse. This app is fantastic, those missing out on this one are overlooking a great one. It's like the greatest magazine ever. The only problem with Pulse is that it'll suck you in. I go for a quick look and find myself there for hours.

  • Bufo Calvin - 10 years ago

    I'm with the group, here. :) I read Flipboard regularly every morning...and I'll admit, I'm playing Dabble every day. :) Those are on my Fire. I also use some others regularly, including the Wordpress app

  • Sheryl Painter - 10 years ago

    Between Pulse, email, rss feeds and a few others that I use throughout the day - I use other apps daily.

  • Jennifer Cline - 10 years ago

    Daily to twice daily use pulse,facebook,email,others several times a week

  • Larry James - 10 years ago

    Mucho apps. Pulse and email and about four others daily, ten at least weekly.

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