How often do you as an individual read the same book on more than one device?


  • Scotto - 10 years ago

    Generally I read my main novel on my Kindle Keyboard during the day and at night I usually read short stories, saved Pocket articles and a few chapters of War and Peace on my Kindle Fire. Sometimes if my main novel is really good I'll read it on the Fire or on my iPod Touch. The LCD screen is best in low light on sofa when the spouse is watching American Idol or in bed after lights out.

  • Glenn - 10 years ago

    I have four Kindles, an IPad and two PC's and I read on all of them. I always have two or three books going simultaneously and loaded on all devices for easy access depending on my location or mood.

  • Bufo Calvin - 10 years ago

    jennifer, I did something similar before we had the Kindle Fire. I sometimes used Kindle for PC to display images, since they looked much better there than on my RSK (Reflective Screen Kindle).

  • Robin - 10 years ago

    can i just say i love the polls!!

  • Jennifer Cline - 10 years ago

    Use my kindle keyboard for most of my basic reading but if the book has pictures i will read it on my HD also.

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