How often do you use text-to-speech?


  • Lexi - 10 years ago

    I loved TTS then Amazon removed the feature from the new models. I'd use it if I had it. I think I may read less since losing this feature.

  • Scotto - 10 years ago

    TTS sounds nowhere near as good as a real human voice reading. The TTS lacks nuance, accents and different charactizations. I have a separate set of audiobooks I get from the library or piratebay that I play on my iPod.

    There are some audiobooks with excellent narrators that I would never think of reading the ebook verison of. Examples are Dick Hill for the Reacher books and Tony Roberts for the Stone Barrington books.

  • Barb Flory - 10 years ago

    I used to use the text to voice option frequently because I was traveling a lot. I loved it! Now that I am retired I never use it anymore.

  • Teresa S - 10 years ago

    love, love TTS! i listen on my work commute and all drving and read when i have time. i too was thrilled when I sold my first Fire and got my Fire HD with text to speech! The speakers being much louder on it is nice too since I don't like ear buds. I retired my Kindle keyboard to bathroom where I listen while getting ready to go out. The only downside of TTS for me is I need a bigger income since I read through so many books!! Love TTS!

  • Sheryl Painter - 10 years ago

    TTS is my very favorite perk to the kindle family! It keeps me company while traveling each day, while my hands are busy fixing meals or doing housework, and when my eyes are tired at night I can close them and listen. LOVE TTS. SO grateful when it was put back on the 2nd gen. Fire!

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