Tim Hortons or Starbucks? - Which do you prefer?


  • Sofia Gorenc - 3 years ago

    First off, I would just like to mention that some of these people on here have never even stepped foot into Starbucks meanwhile they are complaining and making an incomplete debate as to which why Tim Hortons better than Starbucks.

    As you have probably already guessed, I’m with Starbucks. Their customer service there is always kind and ready to help out with your order and I rarely ever get my order messed up. I can tell that at Starbucks, their employees take their work seriously and the staff there also put in a lot of energy into the happiness of their customers, and the customers’ orders as well.

    In addition, most people will say that Starbucks’s prices are too high and costly for their liking but when you add a wide variety of customization options into your order and free refills with a gold membership to the mix, it makes up for their expenses. I would also like to add that you pay for good quality and an enjoyable experience with the staff there as well.

    In conclusion, everyone has their own opinion which is ok, but, you can’t really have much say in how bad a place is if you’ve never been there to experience it for yourself!

    (I would also like to note that I am Canadian).

  • Jill and Jai - 7 years ago

    My opinion: Im Canadian and i like tims, I have never been to starbucks before so I don't know now what their drinks taste like. I'll maybe go there's soon...but I think Tims is better right now.
    My friends opinion: I love Starbucks and Tim Hortons but I like Starbucks more, it's weird for me because I live near Tim Hortons but they are building a Starbucks near me...so, I love Starbucks! (Lol it's jill typing this, btw she's Canadian, sad just sad)

  • Alice Kime - 7 years ago

    Tim Hortons is Canadian and I don't understand why ppl think that's a bad thing. Starbucks just robs you and there sizes are a different language. I don't want to learn Latin for the odd day I'm craving Starbucks. I've never actually been to Starbucks but my parents say that Tim Hortons is way better.
    1. Tim Hortons is cheap way cheaper
    2. Tim Hortons is Canadian ( I'm Canadian )
    3. People there just seem like riches. You look at the crowd that goes to Tim's and then you go to Starbucks (you can tell the difference)
    4. When you ask for a coffee there they are more confused then you because there coffee and sizes are in Latin

    Maybe one day I'll go to Starbucks but for now I'm just gonna enjoy my timbits while every one else has there mouths hanging open when they look at their recite

  • Karl - 8 years ago

    Starbucks is waaay to strong, to the point of disgusting. Love Timmies & and Tim's has more of an association with Canada than Starbucks. They do the send a kid to camp, the hockey stuff, etc etc. Starbucks is U.S born and bred. They should have stayed in the U.S.

  • Whitney - 8 years ago

    I have always gonna to Tim Hortons since as long as I can remember. I went to Starbucks once though. When I looked at the menu I was confused and when I told them I wanted a coffee, they seemed even more confused. When we finally figured out that I wanted a cup of coffee, the price took my breath away! My first thought was This is gonna be a reeeal fancy coffee! That thinking quickly disappeared when I realized that they poured the coffee into a cup, and it was up to ME to make the coffee! I felt completely robbed and I will never go back.

  • tom rycroft - 8 years ago

    mcdonalds coffee is far better u get more per serving and cheaper plus tastes far better

  • Keiran - 9 years ago

    I personally prefer Tim Horton's. The way Starbucks markets themselves, annoys me: they give their beverages some beautiful Italian name, and slap an extra 4 dollars on top of it. Also, good ol' Timmy's has doughnuts, what can beat that?

  • Min master - 9 years ago

    The problem with Tim Hortons is that is simply Canadian. Which means it's second rated and this is easily noticed when you enter one and get serviced by a server that lacks any training, or education of any sort. First of all, they have a App that resembles that of Starbucks, however, starbucks response scan time is close to 2seconds while you will be lucky if you can find a Tim Horton personnel that even knew such technology existed. Not even the manager knew of such thing. Worst of all, their scan system response time is close to 40seconds. Give me a break. A typical Canadian low quality crap. Their tea is like dishwater and yes it's few cents cheaper than Starbuck but at least starbucks quality is much better and free refill as much as you want.

    Tim Horton is a sad story and says a lot about how crap Canadian standard is.
    By the way I am Canadian and yes I got the hell out of Canada.

  • Lilly - 9 years ago

    Hi. I am writing a school essay and I want to know some good reasons why or why not to choose Starbucks or Tim Hortons. Thanks! E-mail: lindseymo10@hotmail.com

  • Allen Curtis - 9 years ago

    Horny king coffee is dish water there food is cardboard and there service is truly canadian it sucks!!!!

  • PSHARMA - 10 years ago

    Tim Hortons are far better than starbucks if compared on the basis on price of coffees and other things. While Starbucks have a better taste than Tim Hortons..

  • #Canadian - 11 years ago

    I think Tim Hortons is way way better because last time i went to STARBUCKS and got a choclate smoothie for $6.00 and it was sizde small then next week i went to timmies and got a small iced Capp for $1.82 now isn't that cheap. Since it's holiday season I got a Large Hot choclate from Tim Hortona for only $3.20 or somthing now if i look at Starbucks i would already be paying $10.00 for something I can get for $3.20 somewhere else. And the smoothie also tasted really bad it had like banana slices in it...ew that's just gross. I'm not trying to neglect others opinions I just think Tim hortons is just way better :)

  • Matthew Mantzouranis - 11 years ago

    Starbucks is great too, with their free refills (with golden membership), etc. (Y)

  • Matthew Mantzouranis - 11 years ago

    Timmies FTW :) !!!! #IcedCaps #Timbits #Donuts #Lemonade

  • Izzy - 11 years ago

    Tim hortans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J9 - 11 years ago

    Tim Horton's always has room for us to sit and have a coffee if we choose to do so. Last week, my hubby and I walked in to a Starbucks to have a coffee together and each table had 1 person sitting at it and on a laptop...no room to sit. Needless to say we will not even try next time. Tim Hortons wins!!!!

  • Allison - 11 years ago

    My comment is more related to the corporations ... Starbucks has become increasingly "social-political" and supporting or not supporting them is becoming based upon your agreement or disagreement with their policies. For example, support traditional marriage? Then don't go to Starbucks. Timmies stays out of it and feeds us coffee and yummies.

  • Kimiko Epp - 11 years ago

    If we're talking coffee or any other beverages, Starbucks is the clear winner for quality and deliciousness. Atmosphere is also light-years ahead of Tim's. So I choose Starbucks. That being said, Tim's is way better if you're looking to save a buck, or you're in a hurry, or want any actual food because Starbucks has the worst breakfast sandwiches #foodpoisoning.

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