Are you surprised that Kordell has filed for divorce from Porsha?

  • Sophie - 8 years ago

    I meant kinda off

  • sophie - 8 years ago

    Although she's gotta off in a weird way....she deserves better! She dont need two daddy's....hevwas lucky to have she can be sad cause she loves and is in love with him but she will move on hopefully and find somebody that she can have a real family with.

  • Shadonna Thomas - 8 years ago


  • So what - 8 years ago

    Totally not surprised. She's still young and she can still have kids. He's is controlling and fortunately it did not work out. Yes he sounded like he was her father and no girl wants to feel as is if she has to ask permission to do anything unless your getting consent from your parents. Last time I checked when I was 31 I told my boyfriend what I was doing not ask him can I do it and it was nothing of disrespect. Sometimes these girls marry someone with a few dollars and have no life of their own to fall back on you may find yourself being subjected to their ways and actions just because you didn't bring anything to the table but a pretty face and a nice body. They get that all the time and I guarantee you if she had a million dollar business of her own he would still be around because that way if things didn't work out he really would not have much to lose because she got her own, period. No pun intended

  • shauntay - 8 years ago

    I'm not surprised not only is he controling but he's gay there relationship was him trying to cover up him being gay!

  • Laura Love - 8 years ago

    It should have been the other way around Porsha should have divorce him
    he is to controlling . He don't want her to have a mind of her on he wants her to depend
    on him and him alone. Go Porsha and fly free i know that you love him but love yourself more
    Much Love

  • Dante - 8 years ago

    Cordell needs a puppy he can control.because wants his puppet came across a mind of her own he was ready to be done with her! Too many people sabotaging his evil plans. Evil - trying to control this girl until the Girls on the show woke dat sleeping beauty up. Now he wants a divorce! Man up!!

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