Whose love is stronger? (Poll Closed)

  • Ross and Rachel's

  • Mike and Molly's

Posted 6 years.


  • Michael - 6 years ago

    Mike didn't cheat on Molly the first time they had an argument. Love is supposed to fill others with hope, Mike & Molly do that for a lot of people.

  • Lulu - 6 years ago

    Ross and Rachel were the most selfish, boring, arrogant and woefully untalented duo ever! They made Lucy and Ricky look like geniuses. I am always astonished whenever anyone mentions Friends (a mismash of discarded Seinfeld episodes) and the characters are so one-sided, with that phony looking coffehouse and apartment. But the plots werre based on high school sentimentality, not on real life and that sitcom produced a decade of reality TV because no one wanted to listen to their pretensious chatter anymore. The glory days of TV ended with that program.

  • Ron Bergundy - 6 years ago

    Ross & Rachel is weak. Tell me again how they were together for 8% of the series' entire run. They were together for a handful of episodes, half of which were arguments, & the final shot of the show. Weak.

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