Whose love is stronger? (Poll Closed)

  • Coach and Tami's

  • Jim and Pam's

Posted 6 years.


  • Jordyn - 6 years ago

    This is bull

  • SB - 6 years ago

    I echo all the cries of how could you - you cannot pit these two couples against each other in the first round! You can't put your best against each other right off the bat. That said, I had to choose Eric and Tami. They've stood the test of time: 19+ years of marriage, multiple challenges to their relationship, and a realistic growth as a couple.

  • Casey - 6 years ago

    I just wanted to add that whoever decided to have Jim/Pam and Coach/Tami go head to head in the first round, well you're a moron. That's like pitting a #1 seed and #2 seed against each other at the start of the tournament.

  • applescruffs - 6 years ago

    Cruel for them to be against each other in the first round! I'm irrationally upset about it. But that said, I have to give it to Eric and Tami. I should be so lucky to have that one day.

  • Veronica - 6 years ago

    I love both couples...but Eric and Tami Taylor had the best, most realistic marriage in a TV show. They dealt with a teenage daughter, a long-distance relationship, a late-life baby, their students' problems, small town politics, and then the dilemma of choosing between two life-changing opportunities. Through all that, they never questioned or lost sight of their deep love and respect for each other. I miss seeing them on TV.

  • Kristen - 6 years ago

    I agree with Jacob -- as if these 2 couples are up against each other in the FIRST round!! Couldn't you have pitted them against someone like...I don't know, Lois & Clark?? haha In my opinion, these 2 couples should be in the final (or maybe semi final), so I will be sad to see one of them go in the first round. As much as I have loved Jim & Pam's love story, no other couple on tv will ever beat Coach & Tami for me :)

  • Jacob - 6 years ago

    how could you ask us to choose between these two? in the first round. the first round, guys.

  • hipster - 6 years ago

    Jim and Pam will probably win but man alive, Coach Eric and Tami have the best relationship I've seen on primetime in a long, long time.

  • Lindalou - 6 years ago

    Coach Taylor and Tami had the best marriage on television. They never looked for the easy way out but worked through all problems.....just like real folks do! Their love for each other was always first priority.

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