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Final Four: Baylor vs. Montana (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 13,715

  • Billy Bob - 9 years ago

    I bet that gut pack is made of shit.

  • John - 9 years ago

    Chili and Spaghetti Bowl??? We have that here at Casa De Castillo's...been called Chili Mac for over 30 years...

  • NoZe - 9 years ago

    The NoZe brothers are the biggest cancer at Baylor University.

  • Rob - 9 years ago

    I bet that Griz burrito isn't even homemade and store bought. I bet they microwave it on top of that. LOL

  • Lady and Joy - 9 years ago

    The Gut Pak is the best thing we have ever eaten (except that one Chamber kid, he was tasty). The NoZe Brothers sneak us in a couple of Gut Paks every once in a while, which is the only reason that we don't rip out of our pin and eat everyone. Don't forget, the Gut Pak has its own sporting event, the Gut Pak run! That's for charity, which 9 out of 10 bears approve (Bruin was kind of an a$$...).

  • bidcaller - 9 years ago

    Starting eating the GutPack over 20 years ago when Billy Vitek first starting making them (long before the college kids discovered them) They have been a staple in my diet ever since. The flavors meld together to create something like you have never tasted before.

  • HonkeyBritches - 9 years ago

    The Gut Pak is a flavor explosion of greatness. If you have never eaten one, your life is incomplete. No amount of success, no amount of raising good kids, no amount of living right will fill the void in your soul like a Gut Pak.

  • ROB - 9 years ago

    Like above, in Texas breakfast tacos and burritos on every street corner.... not really unique like the Gut Pak.

  • Susan - 9 years ago

    Gut Pack! From my hometown! Beats anything in this bracket, hands down!

  • Oracle - 9 years ago

    All about that Griz Burrito!! Gut Pack = Load of Crap!

  • Jon - 9 years ago

    Gut Paks are delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grizzly Dump - 9 years ago

    Did they hijack that burrito picture from a Denny's menu?

  • BobDob - 9 years ago

    For all the health nuts, I would hate to be lying in bed years from now dying of nothing. Gut Pak!

  • No Winner - 9 years ago

    Does anyone really win? I'm sure if you tried all of this food the best dish out there is probably already out of the contest. It basically comes down to which school has the most students active on social networks. With that said, The Marquette seems the best out of all of these.

  • GrizAlum - 9 years ago

    It may not be pinto beans, bread, beef, and Frito's, but the Griz burrito combines some of the most unhealthy foods in the best-tasting ways possible. So much better than glorified nachos!

  • Baylor Bob - 9 years ago

    And Doug, if you look at the Elite Eight, you'll notice that half are items you can get at Sonic. Burger and Tots, Crispy Chicken Wrap, Hot Dog, and of course, a Breakfast Burrito. You can also get stuffed pizza plenty of places, and the Princeton sandwich is available at other campuses, and the pasta and chili "3-way" in the Marquette is available plenty of places. The Gut Pak is one of a kind!

  • Doug - 9 years ago

    The Gut Pak is unique. Here in Texas, we can get breakfast burritos like that on every corner.

  • mike - 9 years ago

    The Gut Pack looks awesome! Much better than that breakfast burrito!

  • Breakfast for Dinner - 9 years ago

    That breakfast burrito looks delicious. Much better than the Gut Bomb.

  • Rg3andBG - 9 years ago

    If you went to the finest restaurant in Italy and asked them to bring you a plate of Heaven, they would bring you a Gut Pak.

  • Bad vibes on UK - 9 years ago

    if Marquette's chili loses to UKs simple little burger and tots, I'm pulling for whoever wins this one. UK has been cheating throughout the entire competition unfortunately. That was really evident in the sweet 16 round when they hacked the system. Should have been tossed at that pt.

  • Green and Gold - 9 years ago

    Gut pack it the bee's tits!

  • PolsonGrizFan - 9 years ago

    Get the word out to Griz Nation! This burrito rocks!

  • Macster - 9 years ago

    Did you know you can eat all the wholesome, sustainable food you want but eventually you will die. Enjoy life.....GO GUTPACK!!

  • Glenn - 9 years ago

    Did you know the Griz Breakfast Burrito uses some Farm-to-College ingredients? It is a sustainability initiative at the University of Montana putting local produce onto the plates of UM students.

  • Glenn - 9 years ago

    Tough fight considering The University of Montana is on Spring Break this week! We may be outnumbered but we are Griz Nation and we will hold our own!

  • Bearmada - 9 years ago

    Sic'em Bears! Go Gut Pak!

    FWIW, that breakfast burrito looks amazing too.

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