Whose love is stronger? (Poll Closed)

  • Leonard and Penny's

  • Kurt and Blaine's

Poll posted 7 years ago.

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  • Meg - 6 years ago

    Please don't hate me for this but I don't like Penny, especially during this season. She's been messing around with peoples feelings and I don't believe she truly loves Leonard. She seems a little self obsessed and doesn't really care much about other characters feelings. Still I don't hate the couple, know there's a huge Fan base so I hope you guys get what you want at the end.

    Glee is getting on my nerves. The show is no longer funny, the songs have been really bad this season and it's been a bit all over the place with New York. Don't even get me started on the new characters. However the only reason I had been watching for the past couple of years is Kurt and Blaine; they're chemistry is amazing, the looks they give each other and every little moment has thousands of fan girls in tears. They've recently broken up so watching Glee has been a bit of a trek recently but I do hope they pull through. Just overall I'm gonna go with Kurt and Blaine because they really are so much more than a high school couple!

    At the end of the day it doesn't matter which TV couple is 'better' if anything we shouldn't be fighting but rooting for each others couple. I know what it feels like to have a ship sunk, I don't wish that on anyone (other than Klaine haters).

  • Caroline - 7 years ago

    Both shows are good and Leonard and Penny are awesome. They make me laugh, they're fun, they're sweet - but it's a lonely world out there and I think some people spend their *lives* waiting to find someone who will look at them the way Kurt and Blaine look at each each other. Maybe they're not the greatest TV couple of all time (I'm not sure I've watched enough classic shows to compare) but I think they really are 'the' couple of our generation. It's just an awesome coalescence of factors - the right actors, the right supporting cast, the right storytellers, the right audience - all coming together at the right point in history. It's been so awesome to watch, not just for the love story itself, but to see people's reactions to it. Even my homophobic aunt grudgingly admitted to me that she thinks Kurt and Blaine are "sweet together." Does she have a long, long way to go? Yes. But is that a HUGE step for her, and does the show deserve credit for inching our society toward openness and respect for diversity? Yes and yes.

    I think Kurt and Blaine's story is beautiful, I think the actors who portray them are both incredible, and however their relationship unfolds I'm planning on being there to watch. Come what may. :)

  • Liz - 7 years ago

    I watch both of the shows, love them. Actually, TBBT makes me laugh more than Glee (let's face it my Gleeks friends, now our show it's pretty bad) but I think that Kurt and Blaine's love is stronger than Leonard and Penny's. I love them. Just not as much I love Kurt&Blaine's love. It's one of those relationship which will last for a loooong loooong time (I will love you until my dying day) and it's not just teen love. They saved each other and they kinda saved me also, you know. They're not just lovers (I know they are broken up but still), they were and ARE (their words, not mine) each other's best friend. I can stay here all night and write about Klaine but I gotta end this and...yeah, I hope my babies win but I still like Leonard and Penny a lot!

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