In favor of 1-terminal KCI Airport?


  • David - 10 years ago

    Seems to me that the only people in favor of a new airport are the ones who will profit from it! I don't fly very frequently but MCI is by far the easiest and quickest to get in and out of. NO TO A NEW AIRPORT!

  • Andrew - 11 years ago

    I've flown in and out of over twenty major airports in the U.S. and by far KCI is the smoothest to get through. From parking to the gate it takes no time at all, whether from parking in the terminal parking or the cheaper parking further away thanks to the frequent bus schedule. Security is no issue at all, even during the busier hours as the security checkpoints are spread out. Those one-terminal airports cause extremely long lines because everyone has to go through the same security checkpoint, and the TSA officers get extra pushy because they want everyone to get through security as quickly as possible to keep the line from backing up worse than it already is, which can cause problems with families with children as they tend to need to take things slower for the children and the elderly as well (witnessed and personal experience). It's a waste of time and money that could be used for several other projects that "need" to get done sooner than later, like KC's water-sewer infrastructure, roads, bridges, improving mass transit (metro rail), and so much more.

  • Linda - 11 years ago

    Why fix something that is not broken. If nothing else,
    1) Handicapped patrons: we have to be one of the most "handicap" friendly terminals. My elderly mother flies into KC and she is from car to curbside to skycap to terminal in a matter of a few minutes and no lengthy WC rides to get where she needs to be
    2) Rental car access: Easiest of all terminals I have visited. Plane, out the door, curbside, bus
    3) Ease of getting from curbside to gate decreases the time of needing to be within the airport
    I do have to say, our airport is not a major shopping center as others I have been to, but have you also noticed the ease of moving through a terminal. KCI is working to resolve the "food" issue and that is appreciated.
    I would be happy to serve as an interested community participant in the mayor's research team!

  • Barrnett - 11 years ago

    I am an airline pilot and I can tell you MCI is one of the best airports as far as ease and convenience to get around. Kansas City doesn't need to waste the taxpayers money and they certainly don't need to try to re-invent the wheel. Leave it alone.

  • c carroll - 11 years ago

    Leave the three terminals. Add a security check point biilding and add a tram like dfw or Atlanta to take people from the security chexk point to the terminal they need. Plus them if you are flying through and need to get to a different terminal you just ride the tram and not worry about more security check points.

  • Bernhard Warkentin - 11 years ago

    Oh, and btw, I've been through several of those single security point airports. Compared to KCI, they suck.

  • Bernhard Warkentin - 11 years ago

    They're doing this to try to save on security, having one security check-in instead of 16. So what you'll end up with is fewer people handling the same number of travelers, backing everything up, and making KCI FAR less convenient and flyer-friendly than it is now. Bad idea. Terrible. Horrible. Not just no, HELL NO!

  • Dave - 11 years ago

    Waste of money by to change. Use the city money on something that needs to be fixed.

  • jenkins - 11 years ago

    VERY happy with the way it is! In and out fast!

  • Donald Sartain - 11 years ago

    We Kansas Citians love Our Uniquely build Airport! With Imagination we can even make IT BETTER. One Large Security Building could be constructed leading to the three terminals for a lot less than tearing-down and doing new from scratch! Who would end-up paying for a whole new airport? Kansas Citians that Fly, That's who!...with an Increase in ticket-fares!!
    All Our Current buildings and a new Security building can be ALL Connected by speedy tramways and Halls for much-much less than doing what is being purposed!
    I remember a few years ago some tried to get Kansas Citians to knock down Kauffman Stadium. Well, We Held Out. Kansas City-Value says 'Don't Destroy what is Perfectly Serviceable'.

  • clayton - 11 years ago

    I think this is good.we need to go for it people like me that work in construction need more jobs like this to brake and relly i dont care how much people fly... i my fly once every two years and the time's i have kci was the worst from the others.TIME FOR A CHANG

  • CraiginKC - 11 years ago

    The subject of the proposed re-building of the Kansas City airport is troublesome to me for several reasons. First, this re-building project has been spearheaded by developers who will profit from it, rather than from public frustration or concerns with the current airport.

    Second, a few years ago when the proposal to re-model KCI was made public in the KCSTAR, the public response was outrage. Almost immediately afterwards, the airport made a conscious decision to put the busiest airlines into the same single terminal. In doing so, it assured that a once convenient parking situation became a nightmare for Kansas Citians as we were kept out of access to nearby parking lots when we needed to pick-up or drop-off travelers.

    Third, the only people one hears publicly supporting this project are either developers who stand to profit from it, consultants who stand to profit from continuous consulting, or politicians whose re-election coffers can be filled by those who will profit from a new airport.

    Finally, the defenders of the project falsely attribute the current drop of KCIs outgoing flights to problems with the airport. They conveniently ignore that, since 9/11, the industry has changed dramatically. Airlines continue to consolidate, gasoline costs have spiked ticket prices, resulting in fewer leisure travelers by air, and dramatic developments in tele-conferencing have impacted business travel considerably.

    I read today Mark VanLoh, director of Aviation, have the audacity to suggest that the reason we don't have direct flights to Europe stems from the configuration of the airport. That's complete nonsense. Cities the size of Kansas City's metropolitan area simply don't have direct flights to Europe. In the case of St. Louis, those flights resulted from a historical accident of TWA choosing the city as its base, and the fact that the St. Louis region was once much larger than its current rank among American metropolitan regions.

    This whole project is a boondoggle worthy of "The Music Man." It serves no public purpose, and will do nothing but put money into the pockets of greedy manipulators of the public.

  • Rick - 11 years ago

    I would like to see a breakdown of how many times the folks that voted yes travel. As a frequent traveler I like KCI and the "bottle neck" can be avoided if people show up earlier than 5 minutes prior to their departure. Or how about splitting up the 2 biggest carriers from Terminal B!

  • Authorized User - 11 years ago

    KCI Still Rated #1 in North America

  • Martha Lopez - 11 years ago

    Leave it the way it is!

  • matt - 11 years ago

    Kansas City will foul this up royally if they move to one terminal. I travel through kci every week. Compared to other far less efficient then kci. One terminal will create delays like DFW, JFK, den, lax. We don't need this. Leave it the way it is.

  • Roy Eimer - 11 years ago

    Although I'm not currently living in Kansas City, I'm from there & most of my family still lives there. And I think this renovation would be a complete waste of money, & more tax is the last thing the people of Kansas City need right now.

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