Do You Like The Song "Accidental Racist"?


  • Misty Jones - 11 years ago

    I like the song and it's seems honest. Why can't white people be proud of their culture and how they live the same way we areas african americans. All this tip toeing around black people and their feeling is ridiculous to me. We are some of the biggest racist there is we have no room to judge. I do not agree with Bun B that the song was not made right and or he did not get his point across. I think he said exactly what he wanted to say...I love the song!!

  • Jamilah - 11 years ago

    I think they both had good intention with the song, but both artist are naive. Brad is naive because, he's saying he is proud of were he comes from but he comes from a history of violence, discrimination,racism, and hate. Why would anyone be proud of that? No Brad your absolutely right your generation did not create it,but your generation damn sure is not stopping it either. Just because you cannot see obvious racism does not mean its not there. Ex: Why are there way more white home owner,business owners, why do they get better schools, why are they more likely to get a loan, Why do they have better jobs? And you may be thinking white people oh because we've earned it, or deserve it well that's not true at all my friends. LL cool J is naive to think that they are judging you because of your pants sagging, that's not all. They are judging 90% because of the color of your skin, not that they would ever tell you that. And we as black people should NEVER NEVER NEVER forget our history that is the dumbest shit I've ever heard and you should be ashamed. There are both good and bad white and black people but don't ignore the past but try to understand that it will take time to get over 300+ years of hurt,anger,violence,discrimination,self hate.

  • EJ - 11 years ago

    I voted no, because I think the song is awful! But not because of what it says. I like what it says...its about time we get past our history... all our history and create a time of tolerance and kudos to both artists......BUT the music is just awful. I don't like country or rap!

  • Jaws - 11 years ago

    I didn't see any thing racist about the song. He was just singing about his ignorance on the matter. But not a country lover so don't care for the song.

  • Lilie - 11 years ago

    I don't hear anything racist about the song. Overall the song is good, and furthermore, i don't care what race you are, please guys, don't sag your pants. I do not care to see your under ware! :)

  • .Nastoshua House - 11 years ago

    Honestly I find the song harmless. LL came on the song and spoke the mind of every black person. The song sounds great and I believe America is just tender hearted over nonsense.

  • Nick - 11 years ago

    I think the guy that came on the radio around 6:30 was un-educated and did not know his history. This is a great song. I listen to 97.9 every morning and it was surprising to me to hear a little country on the Box but Madd Hatta you laid it down and it was worth it.

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