In a fight between a shark and bear, who would win?


  • fred - 11 years ago

    The cake and pie pictures didn't show up until I voted

  • Ben - 11 years ago

    Huge advantage, I mean. Look, it's morning. Cut me some slack. I can't be expected to remember what I typed four words ago.

  • Ben - 11 years ago

    Oh, see, I was assuming they'd be fighting in water, where the shark has a huge disadvantage.

  • GW - 11 years ago

    Obviously a bear would win, because they would be fighting on land. It would be hilarious as the shark flopped around, mouth gaping as it tried to breathe, confused and terrified, while the bear casually ripped out huge chunks of flesh. Actually, that would not be funny, it would be horrible. Please do not make a shark fight a bear.

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