How long should Carlos Quentin be suspended?
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  • Ren - 8 years ago

    If the standard is 5-6 games, 6 games should be sufficient. When interviewed Quentin absolutely expressed remorse that Greinke was injured but not that he charged the mound. Quentin has never charged the mound before even though he has been hit many times so he's not a repeat offences. The ONLY reason people think Quentin's suspension should be longer than usual is because of Greinke's injury but that should have no bearing on Quentin's suspension. It was a collision injury. Regardless that the game was close, the count was 3-2 and Greinke, who has great control, chose to go inside even though his catcher set up outside. My opinion is that since the count was 3-2 & Quentin had some success against him (3 HR in 26 AB), he didnt want to throw a strike & chose to throw high & tight as had in the past. He's HBP Quentin far, far more than any other hitter. Its hard to prove that Greinke set out deliberately to hit Quentin (pitchers NEVER admit to it) but he CLEARLY didn't mind hitting him as he showed no remorse at all.

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