Would you take a short survey every 6 months to support the site?

  • Tom Hudgins - 9 years ago

    No surprise that FREE wins again! I personally have no problem with advertising and I've never taken a survey that asked the questions I would. Nevertheless, I wish you success with your venture, especially if it keeps you writing great articles.

  • Stefan Senf - 9 years ago

    I suppose you are not interested in maybes. But anyhow, a 'maybe' is missing in your poll. I wouldn't say 'no' and I appreciate you beeing that open but I don't like to be a 'product' anyways.

  • Luis - 9 years ago

    Good idea, but be careful, the results may end biased by survey design itself or simply because your readers are not a representative sample of the targeted photographers' population.

  • Dave P - 9 years ago

    I'm with Rob? A few adverts won't harm and should help you. Most of us seem to get
    with sites that are plastered with them?

  • Rob - 9 years ago

    Surveys really sound like a win-win situation. A few well placed ads would be fine as well I think!

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