Who in management do you most blame for the Oilers current woes?

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  • G. Poitras - 7 years ago

    Someone needs to pull out the press conference from when Darryl Katz bought the team, when he said he would fire anyone that wasn't helping the team win, even if they were his friends. Find the exact wording and prove to him that he's dropped the ball by not having fired Kevin Lowe and others on Monday.

  • Randy Chmilar - 7 years ago

    Its seems like the Coach or Management take all the heat for a team who is not winning . But its not Management or the coach playing the game its the players . Its the players who need to buck up and start producing or identify the slackers and bring in some work horses . At the same time dont give away our future to bring in someone who wont produce .Guys like Ryan Jones are work horses and why is he not in the lineup on a regular basis . I rest mu piece.

  • scott peterson - 7 years ago

    I have just realized that Kevin Lowe is the biggest ASSHOLE going . He should not think of himself in such high standards .How long has he been the front office ,the team SUCKS .I place their woes directly on him .FIRE HIS ASS

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