Will you accept Kevin Lowe's apology?

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  • Bob Allen - 7 years ago

    Comments made by Kevin Lowe have shown his true character. He is only interested in visiting fans in the high priced "suites" where he can play big shot with corporate CEO's. Do you really think he has talked Oiler hockey with JOE fan in the 39th row? His arrogance is an embarrassment to the present Oilers and also the Oilers of the past. He says that one half of the NHL managers would trade rosters...maybe so, but I can say with certainty, no other organization would trade managers.

  • Dennis Zukiwsky - 7 years ago

    Kevin Lowe should be fired immediately, not for just the comments but for the manner in which this team is being built; counting on another number 1 ....lets take another small skilled player and see if we can battle calgary for last place for the next five years....this game is played by big strong skilled players not twigs who look great on the power play.....our defensemen other than smid and the schultz 's are harmless and goaltending is suspect..you build teams from the net out....and this team is PATHETIC right now.....how long does this effort in mediocrity continue.......bringing back more old oiler players and friends of the lowe family is not going to work....Clean house and get rid of the incompetency at the top......

  • Hockey Fan - 7 years ago

    Yes, Oiler fans are frustrated and impatient with the comment and team performance. Three 1st round draft picks and 7 consecutive years of missed playoffs.
    Sure, Kevin Lowe might have been running high on emotion when he told the media there were two types of Oiler fans (paying fans that matter and none paying fans that don't matter to the organization).
    The fact of the matter is, if the Oilers get another top round draft pick and miss the playoffs again the following year. Mr. Lowes' comment will plague him and define him as arrogant. Fans will remember him and his career with the Oilers organization as a FAILURE.
    Good on him to apologize, but I believe next year will either make or break Kevin Lowe's job. He will be climbing out of a hole for the next year or two, and if the Oilers do not progress (make playoffs) his apology will never hold water... and who else is there to execute...?

  • Fan Tastic - 7 years ago

    There are 30 teams in the NHL and out of all of them I know of, only one carrys 5 former players with the team in a coaching/management role! ( LOWE....McTAVISH.....SMITH.....BUCHBERGER....SEMENKO )
    Nepotism is rampant....if Glen Sather didn't already have work they probably would have brought him back into the fold!
    The number one thing that really bothers me is the fact that they didn't even interview anybody else in what they always term a "process!" Whatever happened to the best choice available?
    Oiler fans are as passionate as you get, but we aren't stupid you dummy.....I can't afford the tickets and after a strike I think your comments reflect the arrogance of players/owners alike! You are all nothing without us!
    You don't get it....people are struggling out here and you just kicked them when they are down!
    No playoffs next year and their is no choice....only LOWE can be fired!

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