What’s your favorite content from this week’s PS Plus update?


  • Gkobz - 11 years ago


    I thought ps plus was for the vita. Apparently I was wrong it's for the psp. Lol we are sick of old fighting psp games on the vita at least give us an rpg from the psp games.

  • Gkobz - 11 years ago

    I let my plus just expire and I don't really see a reason to start it back. I have stuck up for plus since the beginning, but the quality of EU vs US is not even in the same boat, and it's been getting worse. Well Sony I'm sure there are a few more old fighters you can throw at the US members.

  • Gkobz - 11 years ago

    I let my plus just expire and I don't really see a reason to start it back. I have stuck up for plus since the beginning, but the quality of EU vs US is not even in the same boat, and it's been getting worse. Well Sony I'm sure there are a few more old fighters you can through at the US members.

  • Gamescook - 11 years ago

    "Thomas Was AlonG"? Really?

  • Greg - 11 years ago

    LOL at the people thinking that we will be getting AAA+++ games for both consoles every month, that expectation is absurd. As long as the freebie is decent I'm happy, and SC:BD is fine. Thanks Sony!

  • Greg - 11 years ago

    How come "nothing for me this week."??? What about that awesome RE sale??? RE4 for $10 and RE6 for $15?? Hell yeah!

  • JoeGoodsnake - 11 years ago

    Thanks for opening up the comments on the polls, this shows that you guys are more transparent with your customers. It goes a long way to distinguish you from the rest of the garbage in the video game entertainment industry.

  • Mike Sargent - 11 years ago

    I don't own a Vita, but if I did, I sure as hell would feel like I was getting ripped off...On the PS3 side, April was the worst month I've personally seen on Plus in my over 1 & 1/2 years of being a Plus member. I really do hope May makes up for this month. I won't hold my breath though. Seeing what quality of games EU gets opposed to the U.S. is very disappointing. Step up the SCEA and give us some quality titles. For once, I'd like to see EU members complaining that our content is better instead of them laughing at us every month!!!

  • blakhoode - 11 years ago

    Nothing for me again this week. What happened? At one time, I was proud to be a Playstation Plus subscriber, but the last several updates there has been nothing that interest me. My subscription expires next month.. I'm begging you, PLEASE, give me a great reason to renew it for another year!

  • bud_smker1 - 11 years ago

    Listen to these people Sony!! You keep putting out old stupid games and your not going to have any ps plus members. But have it your way i guess,lol

  • Digitalbilljr - 11 years ago

    The borderlands 2 sale at $20 a week back along with walking dead for 10.49 was enough for me to renew my plus subscription. However it seems more often than not the sales and freebies are for games that are seriously dated. I feel that if a ps3 owner intended to play GTA 4, they would have done it within the last 5 years. I understand that we can't have a sale for BioShock infinite a month after it comes out but I'd like to see more relevant content. Bioshcok 2 was great a few months back. I already had a copy for a while but it was nice to see a blockbuster game on PS plus. I also feel that if I purchased PS plus for my ps3 I should get a ps3 game more often than a PS vita or PSP one. I sold my PSP years ago. I don't know why I wasted my time writing, it's not like people have been complaining about EU plus vs US plus for a year now and sony makes no acknowledgement whatsoever. Fuck.

  • Bean jam slayer - 11 years ago

    Stop complaining, at least they support people with a psp, did nobody play malicious?! That was free last week, once u get the controls it's crazy good.

  • Kicks - 11 years ago

    They repeatedly stated on the blog that PlayStation Plus retail cards wouldn't count. I almost did the same before I read that and opted to get a $50 PSN card instead.

  • Jeff - 11 years ago

    I have a love hate relationship with sony when they refused to give me $20 back when I bought two $50 dollar plus cards due to never seeing where to renew the plus in the store anymore.I was told since it was not funds being added to the wallet it did not count for that promotion ! Even though I went back to the blog and it was mixed messages in the comment reply's! Getting resident evil 6 for free might have helped lighten the blow but I suppose I could give them another $15.They must need it with there constant false advertisements and crappy treatment of us vs eu plus. Then there is there constant cramming of psp and vita games to try and boost sales for a unit they will make null and void when the ps 4 comes out .I imagine another hand held wont be to far off!Wish for just a little better treatment when you spend thousands you don't expect to fight for $20 and then have to buy everything again possibly with a new unit!

  • Zevro - 11 years ago

    Nothing for me this week..aaand this is the problem with PS+ US. IT IS NOT bad content i mean, just for $50 a year is cheap as hell. The problem is PS+ EU is WAY BETTER, i mean looks like a huge "fuck you, xbox is bigger on us so you get shit for supporting PS". We get if we are REEALLYY lucky ONE "good" game, while EU gets welll ME3, catherine, MGS, Okami, LOTR: War in the north, batman arkham city (!) and MK.. well, maybe we don't need another fighter, but.. i think i made my point.

  • NiNeK_CRO - 11 years ago

    Update this week was horrible for me. I'm a plus subscriber from start and most RE games I already got from plus and plus promotions. I don't see the point of RE sales for plus members. You could just give us RE 6 for free it's a crap game anyways. And please stop with PSP games just give us some cheap vita game. In the start US PSN+ was way better than EU PSN+ and now it's opposite so I suggest to buy both plus subscriptions and please don't make them have the same games.

  • Francisco de la Torre - 11 years ago

    I'm going to point the problem here:

    These old PSP games aren't THAT interesting at all. I played Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, and while it was a gorgeous game, it's not the kind of game that i play for a long time.
    Which PSP games are worth for IGC? In my opinion: Riviera: The Promised Land, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, a SMT: Persona game, Jeanne D'Arc, Half Minute Hero, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice (my best recommendation, really).
    Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions really nailed it. I was like "HOLY ****!" when i readed it on the initial PS Vita IGC Lineup.

    Now, if people do not want PSP games, you could replace them with a better Vita game or PSOne classics. Games like Chrono Trigger, a Final Fantasy game, Front Mission 3, a Crash Bandicoot game, a Spyro game, games that people care (and still care).
    Read the comments here, like "I'd rather play Castlevania: SotN on my Vita than any of the other PSP games you've pushed into the PS+ service lineup".

    Also, Soul Calibur: BD it's overpriced, it costs more than Demon's Souls and that's really bad i think. PS3 Full Games should be more value priced (i mean, the $40 game should be a PS3 one, and the $20 a Vita/PSP one).

  • jgrangervikings1 - 11 years ago

    I voted for the free psp game because its free and the other optionsall cost money. I'd rather have lesser quality, cheaper Vita games as the freebies than old PSP games because I like getting trophies, and psp games don't support trophies. Also, fighting games are ok, but after getting Tekken 6, another fighting game isn't really all that exciting or even intereswting to me. Any platformers? Any sports games? Heck, any good psp puzzle games? Something other than fighting ga

  • Juelz345 - 11 years ago

    Seriously, stop with the PSP games. That's like replacing PS3 full games with PS2 or PS1 classics. I'm sure there is a very small minority of people who want PSP games as part of the IGC, but it makes more sense to put those games on sale, and the people who want them can get them cheap and the people who want to play Vita games on their Vita dont feel short changed. And if you going to put PSP games there...seriously, Soul Calibur? How about the GoW games?

  • Viewtiful_Gene - 11 years ago

    As Chris said: "Been a PS+ member since the start, and I must say, the EU content compared to the US content is making me feel a little ripped off. EU is getting WAY better games for their money."
    That is the only valid and REAL reason we all should complain. I mean, can someone at least explain WHY that happens?
    And yeah, I've been plus member since like... last year, but I can't help but to feel that way ^ . (I have to admit that I really like the service though)

    Really, the better games you give, the more Plus user you will get probably.

    Also, the new Hitman (Absolution) is crap.

  • Jeffrey Mizrahi - 11 years ago

    I would love the PSVITA Plus content excpet my Vitas memory card can't hold it all....actually any of it. All I have on my vita is guacamelee, Soul Sacrafice, and PSABR without any updates. Please release bigger memory cards guys!

  • Jay Sherman - 11 years ago

    I never played Broken Destiny when it was first released, so I'll happily jump into it tomorrow on my Vita!
    Hopefully it's very similar to how SC1 or SC2 played.

  • Lsbomar - 11 years ago

    I'd vote for SPRING FEVER, but I don't know what "Thomas Was Along" is. It would be nice to see a digital version of a retail game in plus that came out in the last 6 months (Spec Ops - 8-9 months, Demon's Souls - over 40 months, Vanquish over 25 months). In general, I'm slightly surprised we got Spec Ops since it was still single-digit months since release as mot games seem to be a few years old. I understand that it depends on both what SCEA AND the publishers are willing to give away, but if SCEE can give away newer games, hopefully SCEA can follow suit someday.

  • Dubloon7 - 11 years ago

    @DaTruth521: We can't get anything close to the awesomeness EU+ gets b/c the US PS- Team is filled with incompetent chimps who can't read English and throw their shit at a wall of titles; who then choose our shit-covered titles when their shit slides down to the floor, where ALL of the PS- IGC titles lay.

  • Richard_Evil - 11 years ago

    Except for The Cave and Spec Ops a few weeks back, I have been completely disappointed with all of the plus games for months now. This was a huge waste of $50 that I will never do again. Thanks for giving the US market a big middle finger Sony.

  • DaTruth521 - 11 years ago

    Why can't we get good stuff like European ps+

  • Mirhagon - 11 years ago

    I've been a PS+ subscriber since October and and I've been satisfied so far. That being said, the line-up for April was pathetic and I'm just hoping they can offer at least a couple decent games in May to compensate.

  • haseeb11m - 11 years ago

    I like the half PSP, half Vita option but It would be nice to have more variety in the PSP titles in the future. Other than that PS Plus is still an amazing and one of a kind service that I will stick to going forward into the next generation.

  • Squiggle55 - 11 years ago

    I voted for nothing for me this week. I am not opposed to PSP games in theory, but I don't like the PSP games that have been chosen. If it has to be PSP I would prefer it was a great RPG, Platformer, or Action/Adventure. Or a really good puzzle game. It should be something that holds up well over time. Giving away Final Fantasy Tactics was a good choice. Giving away old fighting games without online is useless to most people I would assume. Like giving away Madden '09.

  • Kenneth - 11 years ago

    I would pick up Soul Calibur, but I already have it (but now I don't have a PSP anymore :( ) I tried the RE games (via PS+ previous promotion), and found I don't like the control scheme.

  • Clark B. - 11 years ago

    Need more big titles. EU gets so many great games, and we get the bottom.of the barrel left overs. I would like to see better games like Sleeping Dogs, Hitman Absolution, Mass Effect 3, Red Dead Redemption, Crisis 3, Oddworld Strangers Wrath, Deus Ex, and so on. We NEVER get games as good they do. I think we should all get the same games with plus, whether they be good or bad titles. That we we can join each other on the MP titles no matter the region, and there wouldn't be the feeling of being having the worst version of plus. It's sad that we get mostly crappy psn titles that didn't sell, and we make Sony more money through plus and game sales than EU. It seems backwards to me.

  • Rickz-1 - 11 years ago

    all i can say is that PS+ April update sucks for me

  • Mike - 11 years ago

    We don't ever want PSP games. For the Vita portion of PS Plus, give us Vita games. PSP is over, let it go.

  • Kevin Clough - 11 years ago

    Thanks for showing us the responses after we vote. I also voted "nothing for me this week" because I don't enjoy fighting games. I would much rather have a small PS Vita game or even a PS Mobile game.

  • SigmaSix - 11 years ago

    It's been a really long April for me. These are the kind of months I catch up on 360 games like Gears of War Judgement. Thanks for the update though.

  • Criss - 11 years ago

    If you are going to give us vita owners old psp games, at least try to mix up the genres. Instead of all fighting games, how about Killzone Liberation, or Resistance Retribution? Or Crisis Core? Or GOW?

  • Dubloon7 - 11 years ago

    NOTHING for me AGAIN this week, and every week on this GARBAGE US PS-!!!

    More garbage fighting games, and even more GARBAGE PSP games! Total BS waste of $ this PS- service has become, ever since my day 1. I'm sorry for myself in being tricked into paying for this crap service.

    Instead of giving us a crap 20% off, give us 50+% otherwise i'll wait for all of this garbage content to be free.

    Great way to waste the vita and it's capabilities with all of this GARBAGE PSP content!

  • chris - 11 years ago

    Been a PS+ member since the start, and I must say, the EU content compared to the US content is making me feel a little ripped off. EU is getting WAY better games for their money. I don't usually complain, but it's getting to a point where I might not renew PS+.

    Asking people to pay the same amount of money for the same service, but offer less? Does not make sense, sorry.

  • Paul - 11 years ago

    The only game that I actually played since I joined PS+(2 years ago) was Vanquish.EU PS+ is way better than U.S PS+

  • X_D3adkl0wn_X - 11 years ago

    I voted I don’t own the content, but nothing for me this week." simply because I don't care to pay for games more than once, as is the case with most of the RE games, and I don't feel that this PSP game is worth putting on my Vita.

    Perhaps, if you are stuck for an actual VITA title to give us, and unable to give the quality / amount of VITA titles that SCEE gives its PS+ users, you could try offering us one of the better PSone games for free instead? I'd rather play Castlevania: SotN on my Vita than any of the other PSP games you've pushed into the PS+ service lineup. Same goes for Chrono Trigger/Cross , Tomba!, and many other quality PSone games that outshine this kind of (IMHO) lame PSP port of a decent fighting game.

  • Carlos - 11 years ago

    For Vita why not alternate giving a Vita game, then a indie game. The next month a Vita and a PSP game and in the other month a indie and a PSP game? Also I suggest different PSP games like Syphon Filther, Valkyria Chronicles II or even Killzone and some other games from different genres (mainly action games). In the PS3 I have no complaints but it could be better.

  • Thiago - 11 years ago

    I would be really happy with, instead of SoulCalibur, getting Thomas was Alone for the IGC. Getting old PSP games that don't have the online or ad-hoc capabilities is nonsense... :(

  • Flac91PR - 11 years ago

    The only exiting this week's update is the Resident Evil sale if you are interested or dont have the games already. We need more good games for the IGC; Europe gets Hitman Absolution and Catherine and we get crap? Common Sony you are screwing US PS Plus users!!

  • Stephen Marro - 11 years ago

    I love the indie game discounts!

    Having cross-buy indie titles is what adds the most value to PS+ for me.

    I like having steep discounts over getting a game for free to. (Simply because I can own it even without a subscription, and I like to contribute directly to the developers in some way.)

    I don't care as much about big games... I like the unique stuff.

    Thomas was alone looks great by the way! ^_^

  • Ryumoau - 11 years ago

    I voted for Nothing for me this week. I have no interest in an old overpriced psp fighting game. We've had too many fighting games lately and not enough rpgs. I also have no interest in Resident Evil games. I realy hope there are other games for sale tomorrow.

    And please start adding more rpgs (western or japanese). I'd even take Dragon Age 2 at this point.

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