How much is 20 fathoms of wampum?


  • Saoirse K. The Awesome - 9 years ago

    The people back then spoke very differently. In third grade when we went to Plymouth Plantation, I had noticed that instead of pronouncing "speak" that had the "ea" sound, they said "speak" but pronounced it like "spek". I find it interesting though to read the old speak and decipher the diaries and recipes like the stewed pumpkin.

  • Saoirse K the Awesome - 9 years ago

    I remember talking about Collecot in French class!

  • Andrew - 9 years ago

    john glover had alot of land

  • Andrew - 9 years ago

    is there any more real indians that lives in milton ?

  • Meghan - 9 years ago


  • Mae O'Neill - 9 years ago

    I don't think that John Glover needed 30 acres of land even if he did have a lot of cows. Also, is wampum a type of money? I don't think that anyone should have a slave, but especially ministers, for example Peter Thacher, Milton's minister.

  • Grace.k - 9 years ago

    In the section i just read it said that Peter Thacher was well know ,and i didn't know much about him so i looked him up and it turns out that he participated in the drafting of the Massachusetts Constitution.

  • katherine swenson - 9 years ago

    the boat ride must have been rough because of all the sicknessess and also when somebody on your ship gets sick mostlikly every body will get sick

  • Maggie s. - 9 years ago

    Is Peter Thatcher's diary held in a museum ?

  • J master man is awsome and Ms Dows favorite studen - 9 years ago

    pumpkin's were named pumpions how cool and jack are you related to john Eliot?????

  • Brendan - 9 years ago

    John Glover secuered 3 acers wow!

  • brendan Donovan - 9 years ago

    i didn't know they used to call pumpkins pumpions

  • JRD - 9 years ago

    Wow it must have took a while for the settlers to get to milton.And also they ran into a bunch of problems.This stuff is amazing .

  • Evant - 9 years ago

    Wow six feet long I wonder when they used them

  • Evant - 9 years ago

    Wow six feet long I wonder when they used them

  • Jack Elliott - 9 years ago

    Wow This John Eliot must of been a huge help for the Native Tribes but still the native tribes only 40 acres to live on did John Eliot help then more in anyway?

  • Kate McDonald - 9 years ago

    Why were wampum so valuable to the neponset people?

  • Mike - 9 years ago

    120 is the answer because 6*20=120

  • johnbarros - 10 years ago

    i never knew that they called pumpkins pumpions

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