Which of these posts about tips would you like to see in ILMK in the future?

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  • robin - 10 years ago

    i am taking this poll late because ths is the first i have been able to connect to it. i have a kindle touch and when you ask two questions together i can never seem to open both of them. no matter how precisely i try to aim my tap i consistently re-open the same question. and it seems consistent with one out of two as well. four polls and i can only get to two, seven would be four. it usually seems to round up. probably because my fat finger always gets first and last: unless theres only two :) I only found this question by accident- one time i was curious what other people voted in a poll, went back to check and saw you had commented on my comment. it hadnt actually occured to me that you would do that. silly, i know. but alas my point- since i know i have your ear i would like to request a blank line between poll links to make it easier on us kindle touch owners. thank you. i love your blog. its the best friend i could have gotten for my best friend-my kindle :)

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