Should Congress eliminate the Law requiring employers to pay their employees Time-and-a-Half for every hour worked over 40 in one week?

  • David Weiser - 5 years ago

    Do you really think this back-stabbing bitch is working in our best interests? If you do, you're just as delusional as she is! And what are we supposed to do with all this extra time if we have less $$$? I want here to introduce a bill saying that every legislator who passes this inane bill to reduce our pay, pay our bills! Hahahaha! Like they will ever help us.

  • TheNinetyNine - 6 years ago

    Yeah, first stop the salary of this rep.

  • Steve - 6 years ago

    Go ahead I'm in a union and our contracts protect our overtime pay anyways

  • Joker - 6 years ago

    How bout we REALLY put a smile on that face, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • ftgovernment - 6 years ago

    This is b.s. end all pay when they leave vote these mother f'ckers outtake up ppl

  • George - 6 years ago

    How about they only work 40 hours, let someone else have a piece of the pie.

  • Brimstone Halo - 6 years ago

    I am amazed that 5% of the people that voted are actual living Cunts

  • Frank LaFerriere - 6 years ago

    How about we cut all the pay for these freaks? How about they only get minimum wage for ONLY the hours they work? No pay for hours they do not, no salary pay, no perks, no benefits, just like they want to do to the rest of us.

    Let's see them work like those they say can live off of minimum wage with no benefits and see how they freaking deal with it.

  • Don Johnson - 6 years ago

    I'm not sure, but most people don't understand how the FLSA came to be. It was a piece of New Deal legislation and had an overtime provision to penalize employers who ignored the 40 hour week. This was done as a way to create more jobs not to give a bonus to employees.
    While it’s true that Republicans have sought to repeal the FLSA as well as all New Deal legislation, Democrats have also been chipping away at the FLSA with the introduction of things like “Flex Pay” where workers can bank hours. Democrats have broaden the definition of “Independent Contractor” blurring the lines of what an “employee” is. By broadening the term “independent contractor” to include trade workers Democrats have stripped the rights under the FLSA from hundreds of thousands of workers. The Democrats have also backed off on enforcement of the FLSA thus making the law irrelevant . In fact most major claims under the FLSA are not generated by the U.S. Department of Labor but through private litigation.

    The repeal of the 40 hour week is not solely the objective of the Republicans this has become especially true now that the Democratic Party leadership has turned its back on the American blue collar worker choosing to represent the upper middle class and the wealthy who can sponsor their campaigns. Even issue such as “pay equity” is not about equal pay for women blue collar workers but pay equity for women who hold executive positions. Does anyone other than the wealthy really care if a women executive earns $3 million a year plus perks while her male counterpart earns $3.5 million per year with perks?

  • Bill Stephens - 6 years ago

    Does anyone really think that this would even come to the floor for a vote in the U.S. House? Even if it were to come to a vote, who believes it would be eliminated? If it were eliminated how many companies would or could stop paying it without seriously impacting the quality of their labor force.
    Those of you who think that this Rep's bill is a serious concern, do not understand how the free market for good quality labor and labor unions work in this county! I'm one of those Libertarians. who believe you do not need laws in order to have a free market that works in this country.

  • Jacqueline Joseph - 6 years ago

    This lady must have only worked a straight eight hours. I would only agree with her if she would work in the real world. Not behind a pampered job. Work a job that takes her from her family on a regular basis. It kills me to hear or see people like her who was put in her position stabs the people in the back that put her there. Girlfriend (Ruby it is or Selfish Ruby) if the shoe was on the other foot? Tell me that you would be GRATEFULand HAPPY that I took your rights away to have a half way decent life for you and your family.

  • Richard davy - 6 years ago

    What is she thinking? The answer is she isn't unless she is a spoiled brat who never had to work overtime . Ridiculous and she obviously does not live like the rest of us.

  • john Collins - 6 years ago

    ...Interesting enough, the House has said it will "work" 97 days this year....and collect about 175K doing so. Should it be an 8 hour day for them, which I don't think it will be, they are on schedule to work about 1/3 of the year (little better than 700 hours). Their rate of pay is over four (4) times the average working family (45K). All of a sudden it makes sense.........TO A LUNATIC...........typical Repuklican Party platform mantra.........rob the poor, working class, sick, elderly, veterans, children....SO...we can give Billions more tax revenue (read: your and my tax dollars) to the Corporate Billionaires and their "ILK"..........

  • mandy - 6 years ago

    The prices of everything these days nobody can live off minimum wage.... People have 2 work overtime just 2 b able 2 afford tha basic essentials.... How do the expect people 2 live.... N the person who said 2 he t a 2nd job there aren't many places that will work wit u havin another job...... The woman that wants 2 cut overtime pay has obviously never had 2 really work a good hard days work n her life.. She probably was gave everything .... N don't know what's its like 2 work ur ass off jus 2 make ends meet..... So Instead of takin somethin away from people that they may need how bout takin everything she has n makin her work he ass off for her money jus 2 make it n see how she likes 2 struggle like most Americans

  • George - 6 years ago


  • Della - 6 years ago

    get rid of overtime by hiring more workers

  • Kimberly Sams - 6 years ago

    what the world supposed to do without overtime that's craziness

  • MistyEyedDreamer - 6 years ago

    Sounds like the ones voting "YES" do not have a job, otherwise they would have a problem with this..............think I will start looking into welfare and disability and stop working for a living.

  • Janice Robertson -Jenkins - 6 years ago

    She sounds like a fool. I bet if she was hourly paid she would want to be paid. Get a life.

  • Dick Stroker - 6 years ago

    Shes a fucking CUNT!!!!!

  • Wallace Wade - 7 years ago

    Double time pay is already under attack with contracts being signed frequently. This is what happens when you give a little. It never ends and will destroy the labor movement that was set forth by some brave people demanding fair wages and done away with child labor. Come on people; the working class of this country is not the cause of this nations problems. But it seems we are the ones who pay the price for the greed of corporations.

  • The WiZaRd - 7 years ago

    I think it's time for the entire Republican Party to step aside.
    After all, if they think it's still the 1930's and still stuck to the status quo,
    then they're not worthy to be in office in the first place!!
    Just the basic necessities of life is skyrocketing all the way to the moon
    and without a decent living wage and/or overtime pay,
    then how are we supposed to pay bills and buy groceries???
    With our looks??????? Wave a magic wand and
    "abracadabra", bills are paid and food is on the table?????????
    The GOP (which stands for Geezers Of Pork) is completely
    out of touch with the American people and the modern 21st Century,
    and I think it's time for the entire party to be dissolved,
    since they're still living in the Dark Ages.

  • jimmy - 8 years ago

    this lady needs to leave the crack and whatever else she is doing alone because it's seriously messing with her head lol

  • kamkam - 8 years ago

    In case anyone didnt know, hospital Registered Nurses are paid hourly. Do you realize how short hospitals will be when nurses realize there is no benefit to OT? Think about your parents, grandparents, and kids. As much as I love my job, working an extra shift and getting time and a half for it, makes it more worth it.

  • Devon Kobylinski - 8 years ago

    I really don't see the issue with this even though there seems to be an outrage about it. This wouldn't effect most people, especially those in private or public sector unions. Here's where the logic on this comes from: There are people out there who don't have the skills set to make very much money therefore they are only are able to work for minimum wage or slightly above. In order to live the way they would like, they need to work more than 40 hours a week. Most employers that hire in Minimum wage will not allow workers to work overtime because they would have to pay more. This forces those worker who want more hours to get a second job. They have to drive more to commute and find a job that will accommodate the hours of the other job. I know this because I have been in this situation. You're not even allowed to work straight time if you beg for it.

  • CHUCK D - 8 years ago


  • Phil Lawrence - 9 years ago

    This is what happens when brother and sister have children together.

  • GLV - 9 years ago

    is this f*ckin broad touched in the head?

  • P. Garrison - 9 years ago

    Okay, so who are the 4.58% of the people who've read this article and voted YES, thinking this is a good idea? Bad enough there are those of us exempt from hourly wages who don't get overtime at all anyway - if I had to convert my pay to hourly I'd be mortified!

    The new reality is coming, folks, "The beatings will continue, until morale improves."

  • steve - 9 years ago

    this lady is out of touch with reality. she needs to get away from Washington and go back to her state. then set up public meetings and let that be the main question she asks.her constituents will run up one side of her then down the other as to why she should scrap this bill. but she wont. too much of a chicken shit. probably never worked 40+ hrs a week in her life.political life doesn't count, that is not an average job for one of her people she represents..god help us if this is what our representatives dream up.

  • Cathy Moore - 9 years ago

    These so-called politicians for the people are off their rockers. Has anyone ever checked to see if they are on some NEW KIND OF DRUGS!!!! The kind that make them SO insensitive to the small working man, who is just trying to get ahead and stay above waters!!!!!! The things that they come up with just makes me say, WOW what a FOOL!!!!!!!!

  • Floyd Youngbauer - 9 years ago

    Maybe she should ask Her Self How She Got those Diamonds on her Ears & Neck. I'm Sure She did not have to Work 30 Hrs a Week. She is a TOTAL GOV. WELFARE ABUSER! She Should WIPE that Smile off her Face, it Doesn't Look PRETTY!

  • Angie - 9 years ago

    If our over time gets eliminated then I think government in general should all get a BIG pay cut. Hell they don't work half as much as the regular American people do. So they should not get full time pay.

  • H Larry Elman - 9 years ago

    Despite 96% rejection by the poll (and presumably by the voters), I predict this will pass the House on a Party Line vote and then stall in the Senate. It then will become (with hideous rhetoric) a portion of the permanent GOP "Platform" which no-one reads except the so-called "Representatives" who have tied up Congress and who answer only to the Koch Brothers and related Big Business. Fight this and fight her NOW!

  • Linda Rasmussen - 9 years ago

    I don't see any comments from the 4.53% who are for this abominable bill. Probably Ms. Idiot herself.

  • john - 9 years ago

    We the little people have been sold out to the highest bidder, we are not welcome in the gated communities , soon we will happy to see Cake

  • eric lewis - 9 years ago

    Its easy for her to introduce this since she has no idea what a 40+ actual work week is.

  • Hubert Fridge - 9 years ago

    They will sell this as a benefit to work fewer but longer days so you can have longer weekends. Working more than 8 hrs takes a toll on the mind and body. This would open up the way to really screw the workers as your job will be divided up to give the employer the ability to hire people at lower pay to do what the worker has ever right to have as a reward for the need to have the work done. When demand requires more time and the worker has the time it means an opportunity to catch up on bills and maybe afford a new appliance for the home. As a Union Shop worker we were offered this choice and all the Stewards advised against it because of the lost time in the year as any sickness may affect your earned vacation time.

  • Rick Smitz - 9 years ago

    Keep voting for the GOP and next they will take your children and make them shine their shoes... no overtime, no pensions, no help ... welcome to the 3rd world USA .... scumbags

  • Milly DeMille - 9 years ago

    Lets be logical about the outcome of this. It would not be revenue neutral because any seasonal workers that would normally overtime would take a pay cut. The effect would be more government spending to make up the shortfall.

  • BBacon - 9 years ago

    Just remember who these people are supposed to be working for. And remember that next time you vote.

  • Teresa Lovern - 9 years ago

    This is absolutely a crazy idea. People are working for minimum wage, our government is having to give them assistance. Bad News for our economy. These republicans are trying their level best to turn us into a 3rd world country.

  • Ron Hillman - 9 years ago

    Over time pay for those hours over 40 hours per week should be paid double time.

  • Ramona Bryant - 9 years ago

    The state of Alabama should form a huge group of people and fight this bill for all they are worth,the next step is you should find a sane person to run against this crazy woman that represents you in Washington.

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