Is the Podigei Channel suitable for the Mauritian Tamils?

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  • Raj Narainen - 6 years ago

    pordigai channel may be suitable for Tamils in S.India.Besides the programmes and documentaries are mostly in Tamil language. So definitely it should be replaced .
    By the way,I have the personal impression that Tamils programme,in particular, tamil films,shown in Mauritius by MBC,depicts a backward as well as negative picture of Tamils. Most of the films look 'cheap' in all sense of the word !
    Action required urgently !!


  • ruby ramsamy - 6 years ago

    Podigai chanel is interesting BUT if, it could be like ZOOM chanel it would be more INTERESTING. We Like always see new in our langauge. Sory to say we don't have new articles in the Podigai chanel we stay always on the spot!!! THE FILM are always the same THAT why people looked farward. THE programs must have a subtitle like ZOOM CHANEL this could help US to PROGRESS IN LIFE . MANY THANK"S IF THIS HAPPEN ONE DAY IN LIFE BEFORE THE END OF LIFE.

  • Vishnu Ruthnum - 6 years ago

    I believe Podigai should be replaced by Sun TV as soon as possible.

  • rouba vythilingum - 7 years ago

    star vijay is my preffered channel pls remve d dirty podhigei

  • rouba vythilingum - 7 years ago

    yes i agree with the above comments,this is definitely not suitable for modern tamils.

  • Modern Tamil - 7 years ago

    This broadcast is definitely no suitable for modern Tamil in Mauritius because most of the time there is ongoing discussion. A proper broadcast should be entertaining to even those who don't understand the language. I think a more appropriate one would be Vijay TV where there a combination of competitions, movies and serials and others.

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