Do you think a former prostitute should be allowed to be mayor?

  • QuietStormX - 9 years ago

    Really whats the big deal? Probably some guy who thought this was so so bad.... They were probably the ones who fley to Nevada and a few of those legal brothals. I'm suse you've watched the show on cable of a couple of the houses and the people working there. I'm sure guys who in their early years might have done something that they wouldn't be proud of. And if ones head out west to Neveda I'm sure they would visit those places. They are legal and have cute girls you pick what you want.

  • Jamell - 9 years ago

    We all have done something or another to be looked upon as not right....notice the word FORMER

  • Mannystrong - 9 years ago

    Every body make mistake in there life that come back up in there life but she knows that and she put that part of her life in the past and turned her life around there's not one person that can say they haven't done something they wish they never did in there past to so if its not murder or stealing let it go and focus on what she is doing at this Present time and what changes for the good she can make if she is elected as mayor most of the Politicians in office has done something in there past but they are still in office or running for office so don't Judge a book by it cover but after you read it

  • Barbara A Ellis - 9 years ago

    I compliment the lady for giving her testimony, we do not stay the same that was many years ago and she has definitely changed her life around for the better, as the cliche goes, the wind does not blow the same all the time. Please keep us informed of this story she is very brave and this speaks of her character...God Bless

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