Do you agree with the President's stance of ending the War on Drugs?


  • Michelle - 11 years ago

    When many teens and young adults see reality shows like Teen Mom and Jenelle goes into the bathroom and tells the negative peer she needs her medicine which we now know is heroin the viewing audience see how quickly it change from marijuana to the next level. We need to start a Keep A Fresh Brain Campaign with 5th grades. Once a child gets to middle school it's too late. I've been in the fight to provide education regarding the prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drug for over 20 years. We also need to educate about the identification, intervention and treatment of mental illness. Mental illness, unaddressed trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, all leads to drug use and possible abuse when all are layered on top of each other alcohol or drug nums the pain. We need hope not homelessness because of drug abuse or addiction. Speak up for your family members, peers, friends, coworkers when they can't or won't speak up for themselves. Love them enough to intervein, it could save their life and help them reach their potential.

  • InjusticeAnywhere Threatens JusticeEveywhere - 11 years ago

    Many many years past due, but very necessary. In any war, when the casualties and collateral damage far excede the intended results a change in strategy is necessary in order to win. And when clearly one race of people are adversely affected by any policy it needs to be addressed. Way to go Obama, Get that legacy item

  • Goober - 11 years ago

    Oh man....

    Im too stoned. I clicked the wrong one. How do I go back and pick "YES"?

    Dude... that sucks.

    Goob out.

  • Tony - 11 years ago

    The options of this poll need to be modified, so my No vote doesn't give the impression that I think the war on drugs should continue. It needs to end and all drugs should be legal. It's the black marketing of the drug that causes crime, the insane amount of money involved, meanwhile the people that do them only hurt themselves and the word "hurt" has yet to be proven. I've tried a lot of drugs and never has any of them given me the ideas of hurting or stealing from another so by that measure all the ones I've tried should be legal. Who is the government to stand in my way of my pursuit of happiness?

  • Andy - 11 years ago

    Are you kidding me? the president has not changed shit since then if this isnt enough of evidence then you are not working properly

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