Should "The Originals" become a series?

  • Tilly - 8 years ago

    I think that no matter what, the actors(esses) are amazing. They have actual talent, which is hard to find on television nowadays. However, I honestly think this is a bad move on part of CW. It's great to see them (the actors) get their own show because they deserve it, but I just think the story is going to be awful. Since the fourth season has become so much more...dreary than the others, Klaroline is the main reason a lot of us even tune in every week. The rest of the show has grown stale. Now that The Originals is official, I think the show(s) may lose a lot of interest from viewers - I mean, I'll watch, but I'll be rather lethargic about it. Unless, of course, they do crossovers often. Regardless, I think the plot with Hayley is ridiculous and I could get the same story from a 13 year old fanfic writer. Let's just pray it's a one season deal where Klaus gets a bit of redemption (but never too much) and then heads right back in for Caroline. (And let's also pray the witches did a spell on Hayley so it just sounds like there's a heartbeat...I think this baby plot is going to kill me inside.)

  • Chelsea - 8 years ago

    Although last night's episode was good, I can not see The Originals having its own series. There are too many connections between ALL of the characters to split them up. Everyone has been waiting and waiting and waiting on Klaus and Caroline to get together and Hayley is ruining that. They also can't take Caroline off of TVD because she plays such an important role. Also, Klaus needs Elaina's blood to make hybrids, etc. They all need each other and need to stay on the same show: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Both TVD and The Originals would fail because both "casts" need each other to keep entertainment. There would be no action if they split them up because there would be less people.

  • laureen - 8 years ago

    I'd like to see what will happen with klaus hayley and their baby but on the other hand i don't want klaus to leave caroline!

  • stephanie - 8 years ago

    I would love to watch the originals! There is just so much going on in mystic falls its starting to crowd. I think this way we would get fuller stories! I'm hoping they do a spin off! I do love Klaus and Caroline but Tyler too! This way he might be able to come back! And mystic falls can deal with sylus! (? Spelling?) Lol

  • lou - 8 years ago

    Anybody else notice how nobody in New Orleans actually knew Klaus was a Hybrid or the fact that he's more powerful than all of them except maybe the witches. Klaus doesn't need to learn to love because he already loves Caroline and although he has hurt her somehow he still tries to redeem himself to show that he is worthy of her come on Prom night!! He left her after Tyler visited her just because he knew her seeing Tyler would make her night more magical. Even if it means loving her from afar and i love that about him he hasn't loved in 1000 years and she comes into his life and brings out parts of his humanity that he'd hidden to make himself feared. Even if this does get aired i'll still ship Klaroline No other women can take Caroline's place in my eyes.

  • lou - 8 years ago

    I saw someone say maybe it was Tyler's. Now that would be funny because obviously he's also a Hybrid so he can also pro create and besides who knows if Tyler called Hayley once Klaus told him to run.. I need Klaroline. They are the only real thing keeping me tuned into Vampire Diaries each week. If they continue with the Originals then i believe they are going to need Caroline to keep a lot of us interested.

  • Michelle - 8 years ago

    I would, if Hayley wasnt in it. Im sorry but i just dont like her character, she isnt likeable and u dont feel anything for her, This pregnancy better be a set-up like it turns out to be Tylers or some other persons.... BUT NOT KLAUS'S!!!!!!!! I dont like the idea of Klaroline being ruined by Hayley.... shes ruined enough relationships!!!!!!

  • ric ky roy - 8 years ago

    Absolutely!!...........i luved it...........we should ve a series of d true originals vampires................!!!!!!!!!!! go for it!!!!!!!

  • lynn - 8 years ago

    I really liked the episode and most of the new characters although i also found Marcel OTT. However, I was waiting for the Klaus Caroline story on TVD and would be disappointed if they were never given a chance because they were on seperate shows..bring Caroline to the Originals!

  • Neta - 8 years ago

    Wow I didnt think I was going to like it but it was good! I cant wait to see how it will play out. Please keep it going. Good job people. And I do agree with the fact that as much as I love TVD it is getting boring.

  • jay - 8 years ago

    Loved it! Feel like we need a change. VD is still awesome but like every other show, there's always spin off's and I would like to see Klaus get a chance at being the nice guy or semi nice. He has no chance at all on VD!

  • Lusii - 8 years ago

    I like it more than The Vampire Diaries. Honestly, TVD has gotten really boring what with all the unnecessary drama and the new characters. For one, I do not see the point in Silas as he is just the older Klaus. And besides, since Elena became a vampire, everything has become too sulky. The Originals, on the other hand, sounds great, much happier and vibrant. I would hate it if the show didn't continue.

  • grace - 8 years ago

    I liked it. I think they should go ahead with it. I will definitly watch it.

  • lacy - 8 years ago

    The Originals was super boring and really dumb. Love klaus and his family but CANNOT sit through that every week. I don't see why all this can't happen on TVD. why do they have to make a whole new series?? Honestly, just seeing mystic falls and Damon/Stefan/Elena for those few minutes was SUCH a relief. And the best part of the entire episode was that second phone call Klaus had with Caroline's voicemail.

  • Zorana - 8 years ago

    Absolutely :)

  • katie - 8 years ago

    Yessssssssssss!!! I'm so excited for it. Joseph deserves to be a leading man. He will never get the amount of screen time he deserves on TVD.

  • katie - 8 years ago

    Yessssssssssss!!! I'm so excited for it. Joseph deserves to be a leading man. He will never get the amount of screen time he deserves on TVD.

  • Tyler White - 8 years ago

    No, no, no, no. I really wanted to like The Originals. I think Daniel, Joseph and Claire are all extremely talented and deserve a show of their own but I cannot sit through another 40 minutes of the same bs that 4x20 gave us. A non-human pregnancy storyline? Nope. This was something us fans joked about and thought it was too stupid for them to even consider. Obviously we gave the writers too much credit.

  • kristin - 8 years ago

    Yes!!! I thought JoMo was awesome and I think he deserves his own show.

  • Michelle - 8 years ago

    I like the new show but I'm hesitant. I like how they'd refresh the Elena story line. But I'm so into Klaroline!! I just can be left hanging.with them. And I'm torn on the dynamic with a baby momma Haley .... although Caroline would be a great queen!

  • Nichola - 8 years ago

    I love the idea of a Klaus redemption story, which is essentially what 'The Originals' seems like it will be. I hope they go ahead with it though I hope they don't do to Klaus what they did to Damon. I've always found Hayley annoying so I'm not a huge fan of her part in it all, but I like the idea of the baby as a way to repair the Original family. Marcel's character was a bit OTT and 2 dimensional, and not very convincing as opposition for Klaus, though I expect whatever magic he has up his sleeve will prove the difference here. I do hope they make him less annoying and more complex, though.

  • Stephen - 8 years ago

    Love the new direction but hate Marcell. I wanted him dead in the first 10 minutes. Considering VD is getting pretty old with Elena's storyline, a tangent road will give new breathe; which is a good thing. Also "The Originals" are played by talented actors. I hope the CW makes the right decision.

  • Josefina - 8 years ago

    they USED me! Thought I was seeing TVD but network gave me something else. Good marketing strategy to try a product, but If I want to buy chocolate I want chocolate not a lame substitute. Storyline very boring. Characters more boring . Haley being pregnant almost to much. And I want an end to the Damon and Elena story!!!
    This new show sucks!!!

  • Rory - 8 years ago

    Absolutely!! I think it's a great direction, and I may be alone in this, but I actually like the pregnancy storyline, the originals have always been about family, and this baby can only build on that dynamic. Not to mention, if you truly want to redeem Klaus, he needs to learn how to love, starting with his family. I am really hoping the spinoff gets picked up.

  • Nikki - 8 years ago

    Vampire Diaries had better bring the WOW factor soon. It's getting tired and Elaina is sooo annoying. Yawn. I'm very interested in seeing what they can do with the Originals show. More Klaus please!

  • Emily - 8 years ago

    Dont do it! i agree with "Lala" its boring and to much it would be pointless to have PRACTICALLY two different Vampire Diaries and it would be confusing with both and if they stopped making Vampire Diaries it would up set more people then not even doing "the Originals"... but thats just my thoughts

  • Lala - 8 years ago

    No! Storyline was incredibly boring and I can't stand Marcell. Everything was better off in mystic falls. And this whole Hayley is pregnant thing is too much

  • Lisha - 8 years ago

    yes, I will watch it specially for Elijah my favorite original of all!!! :-)

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