Who was the most compelling new "Originals" character?

  • lou - 8 years ago

    I was the same Nichola I was waiting for Klaus to turn all big Bad on Marcel.
    Nobody even knew who Klaus was which i found stupid considering he's the only Hybrid and the most feared monster there is. The Pregnancy was pointless though i see it as now he knows he can pro create he can create more family and it would be an added bonus if they happened to be hybrids.
    I like Camille but i'm not interested in her becoming his love interest, I feel like Caroline should be a part of this adventure with him and even he did when he called her. Even if he goes we all know Caroline will never be far from his heart or mind.

  • Nichola - 8 years ago

    Ugh, people... really??? Marcel?! I only found him compelling in the sense that I kept hoping Klaus would feel compelled to rip Marcel's heart out of his chest.

    I loved Camille and would enjoy hearing more about her, though I'm half worried she's intended as a love interest for Klaus. That would just be boring.

  • Sbg - 8 years ago

    Awesome show!

  • Serena mclaughlin - 8 years ago

    Loved it!

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