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喪40でもこっちの担任教師がとった行動をどう思いますか? / What do you think about the teacher in chapter 40? (Poll Closed)

  • ムカつく。自分の学生時代にもこういう教師がいた / I hate her. I had this kind of teacher in my schooldays.
    7 votes

  • いいぞもっとやれ。もこっちの困った顔をもっと見たい / She's good. I wanna see Tomoko's depressed face more.
    8 votes

  • いいからもこっちと担任教師の同人誌を早く作れ / Make a doujin of Tomoko and the teacher already!
    7 votes

  • そもそも教師が生徒の交友関係に口を出すべきではない / In the first place, friendship with classmates is not teacher's business.
    7 votes

  • もこっちは彼女なりの努力をしている。教師はそれを認めてあげるべきだ / Tomoko is doing her best. The teacher should appreciate it.
    16 votes

  • 先生がおおむね正しいが、生徒の感情にも配慮した方が良い / The teacher is basically right. But she should also care about Tomoko's feelings.
    21 votes

  • 先生が正しい。もこっちはもっと真面目にやるべき / The teacher is absolutely right. Tomoko should get more serious.
    1 vote


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