What grade do you give the season finale of 'The Following'?

  • Jill - 7 years ago

    I enjoyed Kimberly's synopsis much more than the finale! Didn't get to see all episodes, so: who the heck was Molly? Will have to go back and find her!

  • JoeB - 7 years ago

    Great ending, if it were the series finale. I'm not interested in being strung on week to week anymore. Too goofy for me for it to go on. If this were a one year series, it could go down as one of the best. This is just going to turn into another Prison Break (first season was the best). Let it die with Ryan and Claire being bludgeoned for the final chapter. Totally shocked me, I was expecting the good guys to win, I was surprised and it was a fitting ending. FOX you're trying to hard.

  • madcow - 7 years ago

    Watch the whole series only for the heroes die. Reality maybe. but I see reality everyday. I want to see good win out over evil.

  • Cynthia M - 7 years ago

    No, Joe isn't dead. I'm guessing one of his followers stole and swapped his dental records and then one of them was hiding in the shed, maybe even made up to look like Joe, willing to sacrifice himself for his god. So while Ryan was making sure "Joe" was toasted, the real Joe was most likely slipping away into the night.

    I hope Emma dies a grisly death--but not too soon. I want her to lose all the twisted things she's valued.

    I think Claire may actually die, which will send Ryan off on another bender.

  • johnb - 7 years ago

    somehow the FBI will forget all about the stabbed, hobbled man who will end up being Joe's surrogate body at the beginning of next season. Plausible, No!, but this is TV.

  • Marni - 7 years ago

    Joe can't be dead. Too simple. On the other hand, could it be that easy? Emma is the worst (by that I mean best). I wanted her dead more than anyone. I thought Ryan would put Alex in the coffin alive where he had put Parker. That would have been better than shooting in the head. It was just too neat & Joe was not that easy to kill. Next season should be exciting. I'm hooked.

  • deb saine - 7 years ago

    predicted this very ending weeks ago ...

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