Does your partner know all your wildest & kinkiest sexual desires?

  • Supersubgirl - 4 years ago

    My husband knows all my deep dark dirty kinky fantasy's. Being able to finally share with someone was what freed me from thinking I was seriously a sick puppy. Its really helped my self esteem

  • Purrza - 5 years ago

    Having not had a partner for 18mths (my choice) & only just stepping into this lifestyle with my Guru (hopefully new trainer in the New Year), my partner will know all my wildest & kinkiest sexual desires because I won't need to hide then anymore.

  • DominantSoul - 6 years ago

    Interestingly... At least 58% of women hide their true sexual desires from their life partners. I believe that speaks of a lack emotional safety within a relationship.

    I believe there is a hierarchy of female emotional needs that are not being fulfilled in most relationships.


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