Do you think Kiera's treatment has something to do with racism?

  • Marquita - 8 years ago

    You racist bitches needs to shut the hell up. This is one thing that you will never say to my face hide behind your computer. The whole fucking state is racist and so are you white fucking cracker meth head bitches

  • Buck Ofama - 8 years ago

    You know what IS racist? The fact that the 'girl' looks so much like a type of tree-dwelling wildlife found in Africa!

  • John Mullins - 8 years ago

    It is absolutely NOT RACIST. When will "people of color" STOP hiding behind the RACE CARD and do something about BLACKS BEING THE MOST RACIST?

  • John - 8 years ago

    Read up on the state attorney who recommended the felony charges:

    I'm white; I couldn't believe it was being suggested that race was a motivation in the charges against Ms. Wilmot, but after reading the above article I realized that it was likely I was wrong.

  • Adam - 8 years ago

    To say this is racist is ABSURD. You cannot say she got expelled because of her color if you cannot prove that a white student would have gotten off with less punishment for the same incident. Yes, of course the punishment does not fit the crime. It is an issue over faulty school policies rather than race. The NYT quote does nothing to support the claim. Te students in that study were expelled for dealing drugs, skipping class and disrespecting their superiors, among other things. Show me a case where a white person blew up a water bottle in the same school district and did not get expelled, and I will agree that it is racist. In the meantime, this is simply an author jumping to conclusions and trying to show everyone else that everything in this world is racist.

    For the record, I think it is beyond ridiculous she got expelled. However, it is for different reasons.

  • Bob - 8 years ago

    It was more of the wrong place to be curious. It still was an explosive even if it was not designed with the intent for harming others. Bombs are a sensitive subject at schools.

  • John Q Public - 8 years ago

    It has more to do with stupid school policy of not using common sense. Just a few days ago a young white child faced the same stupid school policy because he ate a cookie or something and it had the shape of a gun after he ate away parts of it. How stupid is that?

  • Leo Kessler - 8 years ago

    I am 100% positive that she and her pimp tried to set up a meth lab.

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