Your pick for the next "Meet" host?


  • jslot - 15 years ago

    TED KOPPEL..the only one with the gravitas to pull it off.

  • Barry - 15 years ago

    Of those listed to choose, Brokaw is the only one worth a vote!!!
    I'm sure IF he wanted the job it would be his,

    Mathews would have been the logical choice a couple of years ago but since he was obviously an Obama supporter on Hardball, you can't get THIS gig with that bias....

    From those mentioned in the thread, Koppel would be an excellent choice.
    As would John Harwood.......

    Let me toss out three names......
    Bryant Gumbel
    Bob Costas
    Jim Huber, who is the Emmy-award-winning essayist and commentator over at CNN.

  • Tina Jones - 15 years ago

    Rush Limbaugh?? What a joke that would be. Who would believe anything that fat pill popping drug pusher has to say?? Go away already!

  • Tina Jones - 15 years ago

    Anderson Cooper gets my vote!

  • Andrew Shuttleworth - 15 years ago

    I voted for Gwen Ifill but I think Nina Totenberg should be strongly considered.

  • pat - 15 years ago

    Paul Gigot...same intellect. Always well prepared. Same age range. Would be perfect.

  • Michele - 15 years ago

    TUCKER CARLSON!! I've never watched MTP, but would if and ONLY IF Tucker is the host.

  • Adam K - 15 years ago

    What about co-hosting the show with Olbermann and Scarborough? Both are good interviewers and good personalities. They balance well.

  • jrpk - 15 years ago

    Ted Koppel. He's the next David Brinkley.

  • KD - 15 years ago

    My pick would be one of the two *amazing* journalists Jon Klein tossed from CNN for being too old-school... Judy Woodruff or Aaron Brown. I love Aaron to death, but JW knows also knows politics inside and out. At least one of the two deserve to have their skills vindicated after Klein's dissing, and MTP would certainly fit the bill.

  • Mary Marsh - 15 years ago

    LUKE RUSSERT! I am so impressed with this young man - he is the spitting image of his father in so many ways! I don't know if he'd even be interested in the job, but I think anyone other than Luke Russert would be a slap in the face to the honorable, humble man Tim Russert was. If nothing else, at least offer Luke the option first before trying to put anyone else in that chair. It is the least NBC could do to carry on the legacy that was Tim Russert.

  • MTP Fan - 15 years ago

    How about taking MTP in a little bit different direction and fill the hosts position with a lady. My immediate thoughts are Greta Woderle from Cspan, or Campbell Brown, Ashleigh Banfield.

  • RJames - 15 years ago

    All of the front runners are IDIOTS...
    The only man that can fill Tim's shoes is...
    Joe Scarborough

  • calisurfergurl - 15 years ago

    david gregory looks like the geico caveman. steponallofus is too clintonista, tom brokaw looks very tired these days. matthews is rightly called in the article his own caricature. I can't get brian williams on saturday nite live out of my head when i see him. that leaves gwen and andrea and chuck. all 3 good. I would watch any of them.

  • Lynn - 15 years ago

    It would be an insult to Tim Russert to replace him with Chris Matthews, Keith Oberman or David Gregory! This people are so opionated and cannot hide their personal feelings! I really don't think any of your choices can begin to fill Russert's shoes!

  • J Emmons - 15 years ago

    Tom Brokaw by a ll means he knows his business(an old expression) and not baised perfect for Meet The press second John Roberts another professional

    Chris Matthews NO NO NO he seldoms gives anyone an opportunity to answer a question that he presents NO NO NO Chuck Todd No also YES TOM BROWAW or John Roberts would keep me watching each Sunday

  • sandra - 15 years ago

    I loved Tim Russert, I am a Republican but he was one of the few I loved to watch, he was fair, humble, kind, and it was so hard to tell what he was, democrat or gop. I only knew because he worked for democrats. right now there is no one at msnbc who can replace him, chris matthews is totally partisan as keith olbermann, they hate most gop's, they always ask gotcha questions. olbermann calls the president all kinds of names , tells him to shut up. fine for his show but for meet the press, not hardly. same with andrea mitchell, david gregory, all of them, they are no way near what TIM RUSSERT WAS. But beleive it or not I like chuck todd, I see him on morning joe sometimes, and he is always fair and does not make negative comments , just seems to report what is going on, tells both sides, kinda quiet, not loud or showy, just a very nice guy, I could see him on meet the press, he may be to young, or may not have enough expeirence, but he is more like RUSSERT then any of them. I also like Brokaw, he is a fair man. I just do not want someone who only wants to ask gotcha questions, be combative, and shows his party on his sleeve, this is going to be hard for nbc. GOD BLESS YOU TIM, WE WILL MISS YOU AND MAY YOU SLEEP WITH CHRIST. I PRAY FOR MAUREEN AND LUKE, AND BIG RUSS AND FAMILY. I AM SO SAD.

  • sm - 15 years ago

    Luke russert

  • ProConPundit - 15 years ago

    I think Brit Hume could be an excellent choice. He has the serious, intelligent, lawyer-like skills of Russert. Its hard to imagine NBC hiring someone from Fox. I love Chris Matthews but I think his Hardball genre of hyperbole, debate and subjectivity put him out of the running. I also think his appointment could cause Russert haunting. 25 cents in Imus' cup but Gwen Ifill is the cleaning lady--she's dreadful. David Gregory, like Stephanopoulos come across of too slick. I like the McCain/Obama comparison between Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd. She's earned it...she's not that old. She could be a good transition person...give her a short term contract (1-5) years and let Todd be groomed to replace her. He is great but its hard to know whether he has the interviewing skills.

  • Mj - 15 years ago

    Luke Russert

  • Ann Marie Curling - 15 years ago

    Tom Brokaw...He retired MUCH too soon, has the experience to do the job, and is an NBC loyalist for years, not to mention he's a face that's well recognized. To put in anyone short of him would be disastrous. The only other option that I can think of that's been mentioned in this comments section is Brit Hume. Other than those two though (with an overwhelmingly strong lean to Brokaw) no one else even comes close to cutting the mustard for this job.

  • TomF - 15 years ago

    I think Lawrence Spivak, Bill Monroe, the Kalbs, Garrick Utley, and others would gently contest that point. MTP is a bigger franchise than any single host, and Russert would be the first to say so.

  • William Jones - 15 years ago

    Cancel the program. Meet the Press was uniquely the "Tim Russert Interview Show". Meet the Press II will fade fast no matter who you put in there.

  • g - 15 years ago

    Love the John King idea

  • TomF - 15 years ago

    The moderator has to be able to interview guests in a way that achieves insight. We don't know if Chuck Todd can do a broadcast interview. Andrea Mitchell hasn't had to do the long-form live deal. Chris Matthews interviews himself while his guests watch. It's asking a lot of non-b'cast people like David Ignatius to jump in and command this ship from a standing start with everyone watching. You got to circle back to experienced broadcasters with strong live / long-form experience: Gregory, Roberts, King, etc.

  • SQZ - 15 years ago

    Newt Gingrich. Unmatched political acumen.

  • Hart - 15 years ago

    Go back to the original “Meet the Press” format: a panel of well respected and/or upcoming journalists. Invite journalists from other countries to participate. Make it really, “Meet the Press”. All the choices you discuss would be fine as a panel….Lets get away from the cult of personality that we had with TR.

  • Michael Cooper - 15 years ago

    Tom Brokaw should have first option if he wants the job. Like Walter Cronkite he left the anchor chair too soon & NBC needs him back on a regular basis even if he prefers not to head the Washington bureau but he should be given that option as well. My next choice would be anybody but Chris Matthews

  • GO DAWGS - 15 years ago

    I believe Joe Scarborough is perceived as the guy next door - and someone who could be fair to both sides.....but then does the network want someone who is fair to both sides?????

  • Bragg - 15 years ago

    I think that if NBC could convince Brit Hume to leave Fox News and become the NBC News Washington Bureau Chief and Moderator of "Meet the Press", it would be a sensational move on their part. Hume is intelligent, fair and a great questioner and interviewer. I have my doubts about the willingness of the same network who promotes and supports Keith Olbermann hiring ANYONE from Fox News, however. Absent that, I think Joe Scarborough would be a terrific choice. Like Russert, he has a background in politics that precedes his time in journalism. Also like Russert, I think Scarborough does an excellent job masking his own political views/preferences while in the course of his journalistic duties.

  • Johnny Doe-Redux - 15 years ago

    Of course, he was right in front of us!!...Anderson Cooper, the cute, sexually ambiguous host of CNN's 360 degrees...who can forget him during Katrina (feeling for the victims) in stark contrast to his privileged upbringing...his mojo on 60 minutes w/ Kenny Chesney post Zellweger split (serious street cred)...but! would CNN pimp him out??

  • mike rose - 15 years ago

    I like Scarborough....fair/balanced/attorney/former congressman/journalist. Young enough to grow.

    If not, then Chuck Todd....he can grow too.

  • Steve Langan - 15 years ago

    Fareed Zakaria-he's brilliant, down-the-middle, charming, and understands Middle East issues better than anyone else at a time when these issues engulf our everyday lives. I think he could be tough and fair, like Russert, with a lawyerly approach like Tim.

  • Stella - 15 years ago

    Hmmm. John King. I hadn't thought of him. Interesting!

    Otherwise, Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough do keep surfacing to my noggin as possible replacements...

    Actually, though, I'd like to hear David Gregory, Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell weigh in on who they feel would make the best replacement...even if they vote for themselves. At least I feel they have the integrity to give an honest answer. I'd forfeit my own preferences for their well-qualified answer.

  • Bob - 15 years ago

    Love Carville and Matlin but it's suppose to be a bias-free show. Ifil, Todd, Wallace, Meachem, Roberts, King - all good choices. Blitzer is horrible. Hannity is enough to make anyone with any sense puke. I believe Joe Scarborough's first name is Charles and Joe is his middle name. I voted for John Harwood - smart, non-biased.

  • jocelyn smith-garcia - 15 years ago

    How about Rush Limbaugh. Someone who isn't biased.

  • johnny doe - 15 years ago

    Michael Duffy....liberal, obnoxious, efitist, credible w/ MSM (managing editor, "Time"; regular panelist on Matthews' show and PBS' "Washington Week"); big draw for Black/Mexican demo. as well as well-healed educated white intellectuals...has Russert's awshucks, Irish pub pedigree...

  • Stella - 15 years ago

    Chris Matthews.

    Here's why:
    Chuck Todd should get the job by rights as the heir apparent, but Chris does have the perceived "toughness" that may be more appealing to the masses, ditto David Gregory and Andrea Mitchell. That said...

    A note to Mr. Todd, Mr. Gregory and Andrea Mitchell: What a blessing you must have been of your friend and colleague, Mr. Russert. Tim obviously knew how to pick 'em, evidenced by the work, heart and insight you each put into your own reporting, and by the testimonies shared by all of you. I'm a better person for having heard your thoughts on your irreplaceable friend.

    Joe Scarborough has the on-air personality for the job and is one of my favorite journalists, but he does wear his bias on his sleeve, albeit cheerfully so. I think he and Chris are kindred spirits, but Chris is probably more well-rounded and prepared.

    Tom Brokaw seems like a logical choice, but my gut says that would be too predictable and would be akin to "dad" filling in. Besides, didn't he want to go on to other things? I'd like to read more of his books, too. I can't help but think Tim Russert was inspired by Tom Brokaw's "Greatest Generation," an ultimate compliment.

    George Stephanopoulos:

    Brian Williams: I love Brian on Conan, but not the news. Harsh, really harsh, I know. But Mr. Williams reminds me of Tom Grunick (sp) on "Broadcast News," an excellent film...go get the DVD already. He's just been so groomed for his present seat, all the way to the bent-elbow-don't-I-cut-a-dashing-figure pose to the I-wish-I-could-tell-a-human-interest-story-and-come-off-genuine-like-Lee-Cowan embellished sincerity. Besides, he let his pants down when he blemished a tender moment Andrea Mitchell shared about Tim while reporting from the Middle East. Was it not self-indulgent to mention himself as the one who replaced Andrea when she got reassigned to Washington, only to get it completely wrong? (It was "yours truly" that was your replacement, he said... Um. No it wasn't.) Was not everyone groaning in embarrassed annoyance for Brian?

    Someone suggested Mary Matalain and James Carville. We need replacements, not spectacle.

    Mann, this is depressing.

    Tim Russert, we miss you.

  • Gloria - 15 years ago

    Chris Matthews - NO WAY!!!! He has a big disgusting mouth and no regard for women.

    How about Joe from Morning Joe? He is so fair and balanced and he would do a great job.

    Katie Couric is another one to consider.

  • AbuHatem - 15 years ago

    John King from CNN would be the only alternative to David Gregory. King knows politics, has been covering it since the late 80's for the AP and has the experience as former White House correspondent, this year's election coverage, and anchoring when Wolf, Larry, and Anderson are not in.

  • TomF - 15 years ago

    John Roberts. Missed the brass ring @ CBS, currently wasted @ CNN. Gravity, intelligence, appropriate background, and MTP wouldn't deteriorate into a cable-style food fight.

  • Reine - 15 years ago

    I don't even know the top two, Gwen or Chuck. Chris Wallace & Scarborough would be fair although I voted for Brian Williams. Tom Brokaw is a good one but I don't think he would want the job.

  • Penny - 15 years ago

    Gwen Ifill should take it - if she would. She is thoughful, intelligent, thought provoking and fair.

  • JVelez - 15 years ago

    I would recommend Wendell Goler, DC Bureau for Fox News. Experienced and willing to ask the tough questions (see GOP debate)

  • John - 15 years ago

    Wolf Blitzer.

  • denny - 15 years ago

    matt lauer -

    pros: young, sometimes feisty, tired of waking up at 4 am, tired of his wife too
    cons: maybe has couric disease

  • RawlyDawg - 15 years ago

    The only person worthy of a TR type show is Mahi Rushi...Mr. Limbaugh. NBC should give him a 2nd swipe at TV.

  • Freckles - 15 years ago

    Joe Scarborough.......he's smart, he's honest and attacks both sides when they are wrong. Plus he has a political and attorney background and is 'every man'.

  • Sean Hannity - 15 years ago

    Sean Hannity would be perfect for the job - don't need a liberal.

  • Mike Medeiros - 15 years ago

    Mr. Sullivan did you mean JOE Scarborogh ? I know Chuck works for WNBC as an anchor in New York and a competent man but Meet the Press?

  • CubsFan - 15 years ago

    Jon Meachem

  • Ripper Jones - 15 years ago

    George W. Bush should handle it ...

  • Richard Sullivan - 15 years ago

    How about Chuck Scarborough... I know Al Sharpton knows that Chuck gets to the truth...

  • Rick M. - 15 years ago

    Chris Wallace...

  • David Blaylock - 15 years ago

    If not Chuck Todd, they should go with Gwen Ifill or John Harwood.

  • wonkwoman - 15 years ago

    james carville or mary matalain or BOTH

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